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Darla Mavis
Darla Mavis.jpg
Former Heroine
Zone Nerva Archipelago
Coordinates (1902, 16, 7952)
Level Range 25-29
Introduced by Stella the Mouth
Winston the Gent
Introduces Psymon Omega
Enemy groups V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

V badge LongbowBadge.png Longbow
Badge villain lost.png The Lost
V badge MayhemHeroSlayer.png Vindicators

Darla Mavis is a City of Villains contact located in Nerva Archipelago at coordinates (1902, 16, 7952). Her level range is 25-29.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

Get your sorry self out of my face. Go talk to Psymon Omega if you want an introduction. Word is that he's a master psychic who can read minds. In any case, he's looking for someone who can help with his agenda—whatever that is. I sincerely hope it leads you to your doom. Psymon's got Mutant and Magic enhancements.

Psymon can be a bit arrogant, but as long as you don't cross him he won't melt your mind!


Former Heroine

As the heroine Maverick, Darla Mavis fought evil in the ranks of Longbow. Until friendly fire from a Sapper stole her powers, that is. Now, Darla styles herself Dark Maverick, and she's dedicated to nothing more than revenge against her former friends. Working with Darla is a good way to find yourself in plenty of dangerous situations, but it's also a good way to build reputation.


Villain. Guess I thought I'd be seeing you eventually. Your stock's been on the rise quite a bit lately, but I can help you turn that buzz into a full-blown cacophony. All you have to do is hurt a few people. Badly.


Need data

Story Arcs[]

Aurora fades[]

Souvenir: Aurora's diadem

You took this delicate silver diadem from Aurora Borealis after defeating her in an adventure you like to think of as:

Aurora Fades

It began long ago, before you made your first appearance on the Rogue Isles. It began with a young heroine named Darla Mavis, and her abrupt descent from grace. When she was young, Darla was hit by an errant blast from a Longbow Sapper, draining her powers forever. Her old teammates stopped having time for her. Paragon City at large forgot her completely. Furious, still wounded from the blast, Darla vowed that she would be forgotten no longer.

She became Dark Maverick. Bent on bringing pain to those she once served with, Darla sought the help of villains on the rise. It was while she was working with you that she learned of the arrival of a heroine in Hero Heights, someone whose defeat would rock Paragon City and bring the name of Dark Maverick to everyone's lips. She sent you to investigate, and you learned that the heroine was none other than Aurora Borealis, Sister Psyche's protegee.

You needed more information, so you broke into a Longbow base to obtain it. You learned the date and time of Aurora's arrival; to keep your knowledge a secret, you defeated all Longbow agents on hand.

Then you had only to wait. When Aurora Borealis arrived, you descended on her like a bird of prey. You left her for dead, though Longbow's enormous resources may yet be enough to restore the fallen heroine. Whatever happens to Aurora, you feel secure in the knowledge that your reputation is made. From now on, all of Paragon City's heroes would be wise to dread your name.

Take out a hero[]

(Story Arc: Aurora Fades. Mission 1 of 3)


If we're going to work together, you have to understand one thing: I am not interested in being friends with you. You represent all that I've lost, and the only reason we're having this pleasant conversation is that we can help each other. I can get you the goods on certain "hero" types traveling in the Rogue Isles. You can take them out. You get to build your reputation and make a little cash, and I get some sense of... vindication? Solace? I enjoy it, anyway. That's all I know.

I've learned that some sort of super-powered do-gooder is coming to the Rogue Isles shortly. I don't care who it is or why they're here; I just want them taken down. The first step is to find out more about the visit. You better start scouring the streets. Crimson Cove is the place to go.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat 10 Longbow

One of the Longbow agents you defeated was carrying some orders.


V badge LongbowBadge.png Longbow

Icon clue generic.png
Travel orders
You stole these orders from a Longbow agent in Crimson Cove. They read:

"You have been selected as a member of the special detail tasked with protecting Aurora Borealis during her pending visit. Strictest security measures are in effect, no one outside of Longbow can learn of this assignment."


So, the hero coming to Nerva is Aurora Borealis. I knew her as Sister Psyche a few years ago, before she regained control of her own body and before I lost my powers. She was a self-righteous priss then, and I doubt she's improved much. I want to tear her down.

Get information about Aurora's arrival[]

(Story Arc: Aurora Fades. Mission 2 of 3)


Aurora Borealis is coming to Nerva Archipelago, and while she's there I intend to throttle her pretty little neck. But we need to know where she's coming, and when. Sounds like a job for you, eh? I want you to find out about Aurora's arrival from one of the Longbow bases in Hero Heights. Only problem is, you'll have to defeat everyone inside to ensure no one warns her off.

Yes, I used to work alongside Aurora Borealis. That was before one of my "teammates" robbed me of my powers and left me to this pitiful existence, paying scum like you for the merest scraps of vengeance.

Mission Objective(s)

In Hero Heights, it appears, Longbow occasionally forgets to lock the door.

  • Defeat all Longbow agents
    • Get info about Aurora's arrival

You found the information you sought and eliminated all witnesses.


V badge LongbowBadge.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

  • None

Icon clue generic.png
Longbow e-mail
You downloaded this e-mail from a Longbow computer. It reads:

"Upon arrival, Aurora Borealis will address the Corps at Liberty Isle. Please have everyone ready to receive her."


You've done it! We now know exactly where Aurora's arriving -- at Liberty Isle! Now all that's left is to take her down.

Take down Aurora Borealis[]

(Story Arc: Aurora Fades. Mission 3 of 3)


According to the info you stole, Aurora's just arrived at Liberty Isle. Now, don't blow this. For me, all this is a chance to make sure Paragon City doesen't forget the Dark Maverick. I guess a decent shrink would say there's nothing here for me but the past. But for you, this is a shot at a bright future. Take down Aurora Borealis, and everyone will want you working for them. We're talking big money, and a rep that's certain to get Arachnos on your side. So take her down. Take her down hard.

She won't go down easy, so bring back up. When you come back, I'm going to want details.

Aurora Borealis

Mission Objective(s)

It wasn't easy to sneak in here unnoticed. Security is tight for Aurora's arrival.

  • Defeat Aurora Borealis

You defeated Aurora Borealis!


V badge LongbowBadge.png Longbow

Notable NPCs


Icon clue generic.png
Aurora's last words
When you defeated her, Aurora Borealis gasped:

"You've beaten me. Truly, I fear for this world: a world that rewards evil like yours. I only hope someday you'll receive your just desserts."


To be honest, I thought I would feel elated when I learned you'd defeated Aurora. I thought I would, but I guess I was wrong. All I feel is...hollow. But at least I won't be forgotten by Paragon City's heroes. Not any more. And neither will you. They'll be gunning for you now. Hope you've got a good dentist.

Power Mine[]

Souvenir: Fragment of the Mutate-O-Tron

You've kept this fragment of Dr. Sebastian Rossi's useless machine as a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Power Mine

It all started when Darla Mavis begged you to help her restore her lost powers. She had learned of a Longbow investigation into powers drained by Sapper attacks, and she was interested in their finding. You wiped out a Longbow base in your quest for information, but you learned nothing of immediate use. The only nugget of hope in your findings was a name: Sebastian Rossi. According to Longbow's files, Rossi was the only scientist rumored to have any success with the restoration of powers. Unfortunately, he had gone over to the Lost.

You sought out Rossi in the sewers, but the trail there was cold, as well as messy. Rossi was long gone, but you learned from his erstwhile companions that Arachnos had kidnapped him. They, too, were interested in his scientific abilities.

You journeyed to an Arachnos base in Aeon City to extract the good doctor, along with his magnum opus, the Mutate-O-Tron. Alas, the machine had no effect whatsoever. Looking at it, you had a hard time believing it possibly could.

It seemed clear: Rossi's time with the Lost, along with his treatment in Aeon's labs, had driven the once brilliant scientist mad. His scientific abilities were utterly destroyed, along with any legacy he might have left the world. A sentimental person might say it's the kind of tragedy all too common to the harsh life afforded by the Rogue Isles. But a sentimental person probably wouldn't make it this far in the first place.

Steal the Longbow info[]

(Story Arc: Power Mine. Mission 1 of 3)


There was a time, when I could soar through the skies. No longer. I lost that ability, and many others, to friendly fire from a sapper rifle back when I was working for Longbow. I'd give just about anything to have my powers back, and it looks like I may get the chance. According to my sources, Longbow's been doing research into the effects of Sapper powers ever since my accident. I guess they want to prevent a similar injury from affecting one of their new puppets, but I think I'm the most worthy beneficiary of their knowledge. I want that info. If there's anything there that can help me, I deserve to know.

Longbow wrote me off after I couldn't use my powers anymore. It's time they paid for that.

Mission Objective(s)

The information Darla wants will be valuable, and not just to her. You have to wonder: If sapped powers can be restored, can new powers be granted?

  • Steal the Sapper research
    • 3 files to find

You have taken the information Darla wants.


V badge LongbowBadge.png Longbow
Stop Villain!

Notable NPCs

  • None

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Secure the files!

After finding the first Clue you will be ambushed by three squads of Longbow soldiers

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! We've got a problem here!

After finding the second Clue you will be ambushed by three squads of Longbow soldiers

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Stop Villain!

After finding the third Clue you will be ambushed by three squads of Longbow soldiers

Icon clue generic.png
Data on drained powers
This bland report is not very promising. In every case discussed, super-powered beings whose powers were drained by Sappers were completely unable to recover. There is, however, a footnote, referring to the moderately successful but widely declaimed efforts of a Dr. Sebastian Rossi.
Icon clue generic.png
Data on genetic experiments
According to this report, Longbow has done some research into inducing powers in those who lost their own due to Sapper weapons. The results were discouraging to say the least: beings whose powers were drained were even less responsive to genetic enhancement than average human beings. The writer theorizes that this may have to do with the subjects' already supernormal physiques.
Icon clue generic.png
Information on scientists
This directory lists the most talented genetic scientists known to Longbow. Many are working with the hero group, but a few, like Dr. Sebastian Rossi, have made other alliances. The directory lists Dr. Rossi as a current member of The Lost. A pity, since he was the only scientist to have even moderate success with the restoration of lost powers.


It looks like this Dr. Sebastian Rossi may have the answers I need. If his brain hasn't been completely addled by Shift, that is. He better hope he can help me, if my hopes are dashed again, someone's going to have to pay.

Extract Dr. Rossi from the Lost[]

(Story Arc: Power Mine. Mission 2 of 3)


This Dr. Sebastian Rossi may be a long shot. Heck, he may be a basket case. But he's the only chance I've got at reclaiming my powers. I need you to go to the sewers and see if you can extract Rossi from among the Lost. And if he doesn't want to come, tough cookies.

When I've got my powers back, everything will be different. I'll really make my mark on this world then.

Mission Objective(s)

Missions in the sewers have always been beneath you. A time will come when the world will understand that.

  • Defeat all Lost in sewers
    • Find Dr. Rossi

You didn't find Dr. Rossi, but at least you found a clue to his location.


Badge villain lost.png The Lost
I don't understand why anyone wants to bother us down here.

Notable NPCs

  • Leader Fred (Boss)

You! You're just like Arachnos!

Icon clue generic.png
Leader Fred's story
After you defeated him, the Lost's leader sighed:

"You win. You villains, you always win. Just like that Arachnos guy, Aeon. Beat us up. Took Rossi away. There was nothing we could do. There's never anything we can do.

Rossi was working on something special. Mutate-O-Tron. That's why Arachnos wants him."


Aeon's got Rossi, huh? Not surprising. I'm sure he's more than a little intrigued by the good doctor's efforts at inducing super powers. Looks like you'll be making a little visit to Aeon City. Think they'll recognize you around there?

Get Dr. Rossi[]

(Story Arc: Power Mine. Mission 3 of 3)


Dr. Sebastian Rossi may not be able to restore my original powers, but if his pungent friends among the Lost are to be believed, he may be able to induce new ones. Trouble is, he's in the hands of Dr. Aeon. I think someone had better pry those hands apart. I want Rossi and I want him now. Do your stuff.

It seems like eons ago that when I could summon the shadows to do my bidding. Help me become as powerful as I was then, and you will have a friend for life.

Mission Objective(s)

Plenty of young villains cut their teeth in Cap, including you. It feels good to be back, and more powerful than ever.

  • Free Dr. Rossi

Dr. Rossi's Mutate-O-Tron fires up. It makes a tremendous amount of noise, but ultimately does nothing.

The Mutate-O-Tron


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Don't let Rossi escape!

Notable NPCs

Now you'll see my genius!

  • Wolf Spider Huntsman (Boss) (Guarding Dr. Rossi)

Open fire!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Don't let Rossi escape!

After kidnapping Dr. Rossi you'll be ambushed by three waves of Arachnos troops

Icon clue generic.png
The Mutate-O-Tron
After you liberated Dr. Sebastian Rossi from Arachnos, you took a look at his opus, the Mutate-O-Tron. You'd be surprised if this hunk of junk could even warm up a pizza, much less induce super-powers.


So, no powers for me. Between the Shift he got from the Lost and his treatment under Aeon's guards, Rossi's so addled he doesn't know which end is up. He actually believes that stupid device of his works! You should listen to him talk about how he gave you your powers!

This has been a waste of my time and I don't much care for that. From here forth, we're through. Get out of here!


Darla Mavis does not have any regular missions out of her Story Arcs.

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