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Contact Small Dean John Yu

Dean John Yu is the starting contact for the Invention System tutorial for villains. He is located inside the University in Cap Au Diable. You must be level 10 in order to start the Invention System tutorial, although you can still use the worktables to craft items if you have not reached that level.

About this contact

University Dean

Dean Yu's career at Rogue Isles University is dubious at best. He rocketed through the ranks of administration like a man on fire, climbing to the top over the backs of his associates.

Once he got there, he lost steam. These days, Dean Yu accepts the paycheck and shuttles students through the system as quickly as he can.

No time to waste when there's money to be made.

Initial Contact

Well, I suppose you want to know more about the new Invention Program. That must be why you're standing there.

This is the Inventions Tutorial. It should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Click on 'Ask about available missions' to start the tutorial.


Look at the Paper


So here's the university. We have a new curriculum called the Inventions Program. If 'curriculum' is too difficult for you to understand, that means a set of courses. Yeah, thought so. Big words are tough, I know.

Take a look at the program sheet so you know what courses you need to take. It's on the counter here. Read it. Learn it. Let me know when you're done reading. Try not to move your lips too much.

It's not rocket science. Pick up the paper and read it. It's right here on the counter.

Mission Objective

  • Read the Hastily Scrawled Note

You read the paper with, among other things, a really unprofessional handwritten list of courses.

Icon clue generic
Course Syllabus
This is supposed to be the course syllabus, but it looks more like a hastily scrawled to-do list.
Icon clue generic
[Hastily Scrawled Words on Notepad...]
Salvage with Kevin Gilette(sp) in the Library

Recipes in the Library with Bob Jo--, no, Charles Ball

Workbench & Results in the Lab with Samuel O'Reilly (if he can find his way in to work)

(I doubt these guys will even make it this far! Ha ha!)

Invention Enhancements with James Bright in the Lab, but upstairs

- eggs, milk, lawn darts
- pick up towels at dry cleaner's
- get Polly to type up real course schedule

Jenny (555) 867-5309 Call her!


Inventions program. Either you're interested or you aren't. There are copies of the class list and instructors on the table here.

Alright, so you're in, huh? Then let's get started.

New contact

Your first class is on Salvage. It is taught by:

Contact Small Kevin Gilett Kevin Gilett

Salvage is the main ingredient used in the Inventions system. This course is designed to give you a general yet comprehensive understanding about how to get it, where to sell it, what it does, and what types are available.

Kevin Gilett is at the Circulation Desk in the Library.