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This is an enhancement in the Decimation set.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This enhancement gives a 5% chance to have a Build Up power affect the caster.

Functions as a Set Bonus and is always on, even if in a toggle that is turned off. 1

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Recipe Decimation.png

This recipe cannot be bought from stores. It must be obtained by completing a mission, from another player at Wentworth's or the Black Market, or by trading. It is a rare drop.

This recipe may be sold to a store for 200 influence or infamy per level. This is usually (but not always) much less than you could sell it for at Wentworth's or on the Black Market.

The following tables show the requirements for crafting this enhancement:

Level Crafting Requirements
or Infamy
Invention Salvage
25 37,400 Spell Ink 1 Spell Ink
Improvised Cybernetic 1 Improvised Cybernetic
Carnival of Shadows Mask 1 Carnival of Shadows Mask
Impervium 1 Impervium
Deific Weapon 1 Deific Weapon

26 38,660
27 39,920
28 41,180
29 42,440
30 43,700
31 48,200
32 52,700
33 57,200
34 61,700
35 66,200
36 73,920
37 81,640
38 89,360
39 97,080
40 209,600

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