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Defeat badges are awarded for defeating enemies.

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V badge DemonDefeatBadge.png Electrician Defeat 100 Gremlins
V badge GoldbrickersBadge.png Fort Knox Defeat 200 Gold Bricker Rocketmen
V badge FamilyBadge.png Gangbuster Defeat 200 Marcone Bosses
V badge GhostTrappingBadge.png Spectral Trap 100 ghosts in Fort Hades, Port Oakes
V badge GhostTrappingBadge.png Pirate Trap 10 ghosts in Fort Hades, Port Oakes
V badge ConsortiumDefeatBadge.png Goon Squad Defeat 333 Cage Consortium Guards
V badge ScrapyardEventBadge.png Hammerhead Defeat 200 Ghost of Scrapyard's followers
V badge ShivanBadge.png Man/Woman in Black Defeat 200 Shivans
V badge ScrapyarderBadge.png Hammer Down Defeat the Ghost of Scrapyard, a monster that spawns in Sharkhead Isle
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Spider Smasher Defeat 200 Arachnos Wolf Spiders
V badge ScrapyarderBadge.png Strike Buster Defeat 200 Scrapyarders; heroes can find them in alignment tip missions
V Badge Deathsurge.png Surging Defeat Deathsurge, a monster that spawns in Cap au Diable
V badge SnakeBadge.png The Mongoose Defeat 50 Snakes
V badge IceDemonBadge.png Coldblooded/Coldhearted Defeat 100 Circle of Thorns Hordelings or Hellfrosts; heroes can find them in Valentine's Day Event missions
V badge CircleOfThornsBadge.png HellBane Defeat Caleb, a monster that spawns in Nerva Archipelago
V badge LongbowBadge.png Reformed/Villain Defeat 1000 Longbow
V badge CircleOfThornsBadge.png Weed Whacker Defeat 50 Circle of Thorns Succubi or Hellfrosts; heroes can find them in Valentine's Event missions
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Venomous Defeat 50 Arachnos Toxic Tarantulas
V badge MayhemHeroSlayer.png Bloody Hands/Hero Slayer Defeat 25 Heroes in Mayhem Missions
V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Thin Line/Outlaw Defeat 1000 Paragon Police (all kinds) in Mayhem Missions
V badge MayhemSafeCracker.png Locksmith/Safecracker Destroy 10 Vault Doors in Mayhem Missions
V badge MayhemVandal.png Anger Manager/Vandal Destroying 25 Hydrants, 25 Mailboxes, 25 Newspaper stands, and 25 Pay Phones in Mayhem Missions
Badge arachnosflier.png Heat Seeker Defeat the Arachnos Flier in the Ms. Liberty Task Force or in Grandville
Badge defeatrecluse.png Usurper Complete the second Patron story arc
Badge defeatstatesman.png Ex-Archvillain/Archvillain Defeat Statesman during the Lord Recluse Strike Force
Badge SafeG VillainDisrupter.png Villain Disruptor Defeat 25 named bank heist or jailbreak villains during Safeguard missions
Badge defeatrecluse.png Diplomat/Breathes Easy Defeat the villains Ghost Widow, Scirocco, Captain Mako and Black Scorpion in the Ms. Liberty Task Force
Badge villain new rikti.png Sentry Defeat 100 Rikti during Rikti invasions
Badge villain new rikti.png Bomb Specialist Defeat 25 unexploded bombs during Rikti invasions
Badge villain new rikti.png Chief Defeat 10 Rikti Heavy Assault Suits during Rikti invasions
Badge vanguard 003.png Master at Arms Defeat the Rikti Master at Arms U'Kon Gr'ai 10 times during Rikti Ship Raids
Badge cimerorans defeated.png Centurion Defeat 100 Cimeroran Traitors
Badge Defeat Romulus.png Roman Defeat Nictus Romulus, a villain in the Imperious Task Force
Badge Defeat8ClonesChallenge.png Army of Me Defeat all 8 clones during the "Test Out Your Clones" mission from Leonard
Badge DefeatMaelstrom.png Eye of the Storm Defeat Maelstrom in an alignment tip mission
Badge DefeatDesdemona.png Whip Cracker Defeat Desdemona in an alignment tip mission
Badge DefeatRGC.png Judge & Jury/Merciless Defeat a signature "Rogues Gallery" character during an alignment or morality tip mission
Badge DefeatPPD.png No Authority Defeat 100 points of Praetorian PPD
Badge DefeatSeers.png Blindsider Defeat 100 points of Seers
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Technophobe Defeat 100 points of Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Marked for Death Defeat 100 points of Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance is Futile Defeat 100 points of Resistance
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Cannibal Defeat 100 points of Ghouls
Badge DefeatFailedExperiment.png Escapee Defeat 100 points of Failed Experiments
P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Redundant Defeat 100 points of Destroyers
Badge paladin.png Knight Errant/Black Knight Stop a Paladin Construction
Badge giant octopus.png Devilfish Defeat Lusca, a monster that spawns in Independence Port
Badge villain magmite.png Volcanic Defeat 100 Magmite Lords
Badge villain rularru.png Visionary Defeat 100 Rularuu Overseers
Badge ghost ship.png Ectoplasmic Defeat 50 Ghosts that spawn from the Ghost Ship
Badge villain banished.png Banisher Defeat 200 Banished Pantheon Spirit Masks
Badge villain freakshow.png Tank Buster Defeat 100 Freakshow tanks
Badge villain skulls.png Bonecrusher Defeat 50 Skulls Bone Daddies
Badge villain skulls.png Kill Skuls Defeat 500 Skulls of any type
Badge villain clockwork.png Clockstopper Defeat Babbage, a monster that spawns in Boomtown or in an ambush in the Synapse Task Force
Badge villain cot.png Demon Slayer Defeat Baphomet, a villain found in the Faathim the Kind Task Force and an Angus McQueen mission
Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder Defeat all fifteen Praetorian Archvillains
Badge villain lost.png Finder Defeat 100 The Lost bosses
Badge villain clockwork.png Gearsmasher Defeat 100 Clockwork gears
Badge villain vahzilok.png Gravedigger Defeat 100 Vahzilok embalmed corpses
Badge villain hellions.png Hellspawned Defeat 50 Hellions Damned
Badge villain carnival.png Illusionist Defeat 100 Illusionists, Phantasms, and Dark Servants summoned by Master Illusionists
Badge villain crey.png Infiltrator Defeat 200 Crey Paragon Protectors
Badge villain banished.png Keeper of Secrets Defeat Adamastor, a monster that can be summoned in Talos Island and Sharkhead Isle
Badge villain warriors.png Legionnaire Defeat 100 Warrior bosses
Badge villain malta.png Master/Mistress of Olympus Defeat Kronos Class Titan, a monster in an ambush in a Crimson mission, or in the Lord Recluse Strike Force
Badge villain hydra.png Unleasher Defeat the Kraken, a monster that spawns in Perez Park
Badge villain malta.png Monkeywrencher Defeat 50 Malta Group Zeus Titan robots
Badge villain skyraiders.png Privateer Defeat 100 Sky Raiders Sky Skiffs
Badge villain devouring.png Protectorate/Devourer of Earth Defeat 100 Devouring Earth emanators
Badge villain contaminated.png Isolator Defeat 100 Contaminated
Badge villain trolls.png Regenerator Defeat 100 Trolls bosses
Badge villain council.png The Silver Bullet Defeat 200 Council Warwolves
Badge villain council.png The Slayer Defeat 200 Council Vampyri
Badge villain cot.png Soul Binder Defeat 200 Circle of Thorns mages
Badge villain praetorians.png Statesman's Pal/Praetoria's Bane Defeat Tyrant at the end of the "A Hero's Hero" arc in Ouroboros
Badge villain devouring.png The Solution Defeat Jurassik, a monster that spawns in Crey's Folly
Badge villain tsoo.png Tracer Defeat 100 Tsoo sorcerers
Badge villain family.png Untouchable Defeat 100 The Family bosses
Badge villain nemesis.png Unveiler Defeat 100 Nemesis Fake Nemesis robots
Badge villain prisoners.png Warden/Cruel Warden Defeat 500 Prisoners
Badge villain outcasts.png Weatherman/Weathergirl Defeat 100 Outcasts bosses
Badge villain rikti.png Zookeeper Defeat 1000 Rikti monkeys
Badge villain apparitions.png Disappearing Act Defeat 100 points of Apparitions
Badge villain awakened.png Snooze Button Defeat 100 points of The Awakened
Badge villain carnivaloflight.png Show's Over Defeat 100 points of Carnival of Light, Carnival of War, or Carnival of Vengeance
Badge villain praetoriandust.png D.U.S.T. In The Wind Defeat 100 points of D.U.S.T.
Badge villain talons.png Chipped Talon Defeat 100 points of Talons of Vengeance
Badge defeat burrspectrum.png Full Spectrum Defeat a Bulwark Seedling, a Contaminating Seedling, a Hematic Seedling, a Maturing Seedling, and a Respiring Seedling
DefeatBPEnd.png Apostate Defeat 100 points of level 50+ Banished Pantheon
DefeatTsooEnd.png Erasure Defeat 100 points of level 50+ Tsoo
DefeatKOVEnd.png Silencer Defeat 100 points of level 50+ Knives of Vengeance
DefeatTalonsEnd.png Castigator Defeat 100 points of level 50+ Talons of Vengeance
DefeatCOTEnd.png Exorcist Defeat 100 points of level 50+ Circle of Thorns
Badge Achievement BlackKnightDefeats.png Watches the Watchers Defeat 100 points of Black Knights
Badge Achievement NightstalkerDefeats.png Keeper of Beasts Defeat 100 points of Spirit Stalkers
Badge Achievement AnimusArcanaDefeats.png Sorcerer's Apprentice Defeat 100 points of Animus Arcana
Badge Achievement DrudgesDefeats.png Lawbreaker Defeat 100 points of Drudges
Badge villain praetorians.png Positron's Pal/Positron's Nemesis Defeat the Olympian Guard at the end of Maria Jenkins's "A Hero's Epic" arc
Badge firefighter.png Volunteer Firefighter/Fire Bane Defeat 25 Fires and 25 Hellion Arsonists during Hellion Arsons
Badge firefighter.png Firefighter/Firestomper Defeat 50 Fires and 50 Hellion Arsonists during Hellion Arsons
Badge firefighter.png Fire Chief/Asbestos Defeat 100 Fires and 100 Hellion Arsonists during Hellion Arsons
Badge troll raveroundup.png Raver Defeat 50 Glowing Trolls during Troll Raves
Badge troll supasmasher.png Dee Jay Defeat 50 Supa Trolls
Badge croatoa giant killer.png Giant Killer Defeat Jack in Irons, a monster that spawns in Croatoa
Badge croatoa pumpkin king.png Pumpkin King/Queen Defeat Eochai, a monster that spawns in Croatoa
Badge croatoa believer.png Believer Defeat Sally, a monster that spawns in Croatoa, twice
Badge croatoa cap buster.png Cap Buster Defeat 333 Red Caps
Badge croatoa pumpkin master.png Pumpkin Master/Mistress Defeat 333 Fir Bolg
Badge croatoa bane of dannan.png Bane of Dannan Defeat 333 Tuatha de Dannan
Badge croatoa spellbinder.png Spellbinding Defeat 333 Cabal
Badge croatoa Banisher.png Haunted Defeat 333 Croatoan Ghosts

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