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Detective Croquette is a City of Heroes contact located in the New Troy neighborhood of Talos Island at coordinates (-1329.5, -11.5, 6503.5). Detective Croquette is a Police Band contact. He is located inside the Paragon Police Department building.

He functions as the Safeguard Mission contact as does Detective Basinns.

Croquette's name and appearance are a reference to Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice.



Police Liaison

There are some in the department who criticise both Detective Croquette and his partner Detective Basinns for placing their personal style over their jobs, but those critics don't understand that their style is important to the kind of undercover work they must do.

Initial Contact[]

I've heard a lot about you through my connections. A lot of bad guys are scared of you, which is fine by me. Let's make sure you have all the proper frequencies so you can check out the police band around here first. Check it whenever you like. After you've built up a reputation, if anything big goes down, I'll tell you about it first.

Now that you've gotten a Police Radio, you can start scanning Police chatter to hear about the crimes as they're committed in your current zone. You can then act on a report by selecting it from the Police Radio, listed under your Contacts.


Protect Steel Canyon bank[]


This is bad. Arachnos is planning an attack on Steel Canyon. We think their main objective is the bank, but they've brought a villain with them, and they're out to cause as much destruction as possible. If you can help, then please go to Steel Canyon to protect the bank and stop the attack! We got the alarm signal from the bank, so make haste and get over to the bank. You probably have about 5 minutes or less before they make their escape.

This is a Safeguard mission. Once you prevent the heist, you will have 15 minutes to explore the area and potentially earn extra rewards before the P.P.D. lock down the area. You can earn extra time by defeating villains, however you can lose time if they destroy too much of the city.

It gets worse. The Family and the Tsoo in Steel Canyon are aware of the heist, and both groups are looking at this as a way to gain ground against the other, and they won't care who gets hurt. The more of them you stop, the better off the city will be.

Periodically, vandals will arrive to destroy parts of the city. You will see a message when they arrive, and their locations will be displayed in your minimap.

Mission Objective(s)

Steel Canyon is in chaos! Arachnos troops are causing mayhem, members of the Family are standing around key locations acting suspicious, and the Tsoo are taking advantage of the anarchy in the streets.

  • Protect Steel Canyon bank


Badge villain tsoo Tsoo
V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos
Badge villain family The Family

Possible Villains

Side Missions

Keys for side missions can be found by defeating Family groups.

Arms Deal

Icon clue generic
Cargo Manifest
A cargo manifest that details a shady arms shipment and where it is stored. Go and grab the evidence!


Icon clue generic
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Family were going to set in a nearby building. Disarm the bombs!


Icon clue generic
Fire Bombs
These are massive fire bombs the Family were planting underneath the city. Find and defuse the rest of them!!

Break In

Icon clue generic
Diamond Ad
A fancy ad showing all the expensive products in the store.


Icon clue generic
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Stardusk. You've heard about her. She's barely human, a complete sociopath. If the Family gets to her, it could be bad. You should check this out.


Icon clue generic
Wanted poster
A wanted poster of Ayame Higarashi. You've heard of her. She's a deadly assassin, and would work well with the Family. You might want to check into this.

Exploration Badge

Heroes can earn the Freedom's Defender Badge during this mission. Its coordinates are (-4254.5, 0.3, 1129.5), in a corner at the building near the entrance to the Prevent the Bombing sub-mission.

Badge tourist 01 Freedom's Defender

The Hellions attempted to burn Steel Canyon to the ground. This block is where one of the first fires was started.

Temporary Power

Upon successful completion of this mission for the first time, a hero will earn the Summon Teammates temporary power.

Temporary Mayhem TargetAoETeleportTeamToCaster Summon Teammates Zone-Range: Teleport Teammates
This power allows you to teleport all of your teammates to your location. This effect lasts for 1 day of gameplay.


Great work! You have prevented the villains from causing mayhem in Steel Canyon!