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Detective Junkers is a City of Heroes contact located in the Liberty Town neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (3284, 16, 2184). Detective Junkers is a Police Band contact.

He functions as the Safeguard Mission contact as does Detective Murwell.

Junkers' name and appearance are a reference to Deckard from Blade Runner.



Police Liaison

When he's not helping heroes, Detective Junkers has a unique speciality in the PPD. He's an expert at detecting fake humans and human imposters. His work has saved numerous lives and stopped schemes by Crey Industries, the Rikti, the Nemesis Army, and even the Circle of Thorns. He's extremely good at his job, but that also makes him distant and a bit paranoid. There were some jokes going around for a while that Junkers might be an escaped Paragon Protector or something himself, but no one takes that seriously.

Initial Contact[]

You, huh? I'm Detective Junkers. Okay, you need the frequencies for the police band radio, right? Well, whether you do or you don't I have them for you. You know the drill, you help us out, then we know we can trust you if something big goes down.

Now that you've gotten a Police Radio, you can start scanning Police chatter to hear about the crimes as they're committed in your current zone. You can then act on a report by selecting it from the Police Radio, listed under your Contacts.