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Diabolique is a Praetorian Earth archvillain, the Praetorian counterpart to Primal Earth's Numina.

Defeating Diabolique is required for the Dimensional Warder Badge.

Heroes face her in the missions Rescue spirits from Diabolique and Search Infernal's torture chamber for any sign of Statesman from Maria Jenkins.


Tammy Arcanus was born with great Magical powers on Praetorian Earth, just like she was on Primal Earth. Unfortunately they manifested very differently. As she reached adolescence she began exploring her powers before she was trained. She used astral projection to cast her spirit forth. So intoxicated was she by the new wonders that she was discovering she returned to her body too late to link with it. She watched helplessly as it withered and died without a spirit. Tammy's father tried to save her but he was too late to manage anything other than keeping her spirit bound to Earth. For his trouble Tammy blasted her father and turned him into her first spirit minion.

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