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Dimensional Anchor Mystic

Mystic Style Dimensional Anchor

Dimensional Anchor Tech

Tech Style Dimensional Anchor


These anchors come in both mystic and technological themes. Both have the same name, and a very similar look. Only one Dimensional Anchor is allowed in a room at a time. The anchors are the only special purpose base items that can be placed in a Decorative Room, but reversly, can never be placed in a Vault Room. Bases require 6 of these inorder to take part in the Cathedral of Pain trial, or SG Base Raids.


These anchors are needed to summon and hold an Item of Power in this dimension. They should be placed in well protected locations. If enough are destroyed during a base raid, you will lose an Item of Power.

Additional Information[]

Price: 5000 prestige
Unlocked by: N/A
Device Rank: Large Device
Power/Control Requirements: N/A / N/A
Allowed Auxiliary Items: Does not Allow Auxilary Connections

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