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Badge villain praetorians


You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.

How to Get[]

Defeat the following Praetorian Earth archvillains:

Arch-Villain Maria Jenkins
A Hero's Hero
Tina Macintyre
The Praetorian War
Battle Maiden Defend the Warrior clan from Battle Maiden.    
Black Swan Talk to Tina Macintyre about the Shadow World.   Shut down Black Swan's portal to the Shadow World from Maria Jenkins
Bobcat Get the data scanners back Go to Jamison Office Park and clear the villains out  
Dominatrix Repel the Praetorians from the Portal Corporation lab    
Infernal Search Infernal's torture chamber for any sign of Statesman    
Malaise   Battle Malaise and activate the Key of Anger mission during the Faathim the Kind Task Force.
Neuron Get the data scanners back Stop Anti-Matter's invasion Defeat Neuron & his robots mission from Unai Kemen
Siege Bring back the missing scanners .    

Note that Mother Mayhem and Shadowhunter are not needed.

Gladiator Badge Unlocked[]

When you obtain this badge, you will unlock the Meson Gladiator badge.


Badge dimensional set 01 Portal Jockey Badge        


This badge causes problems for a lot of players. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

Do Elite Bosses count towards the badge?
According to Positron, yes they do.[1] (confirmed)
Are there any level restrictions?
No, a character of any level may earn the badge. However, the arcs that provide the badges are only available in certain level ranges: Tina Macintyre is level 40-45 and Maria Jenkins is 45-50. (Tina also offers two missions that provide the Multidimensional Badge.)
Why can't I get the "A Hero's Hero" Arc from Maria Jenkins?
You probably have other contacts with open arcs (as denoted by the storybook icon next to the contact name). Finish your other arcs then call Maria.
I think I've already defeated all the Arch Villains in Maria's arc, but I haven't earned the badge. What's going on?
There's several things that people stumble on here.
  • Maria's arc includes Tyrant, but he isn't actually needed. So do not worry if you have not defeated him yet.
  • Anti-Matter is not available in Maria's arc. You will need to run Tina Macintyre's arc to defeat him. She gives several missions with Anti-Matter; be aware that the one where he teleports away does not count because he self-defeats.
  • There are some (unconfirmed) reports that Marauder and Bobcat won't count if they are defeated while their "godmode" powers are running.
  • Make sure you've defeated Black Swan. In one of the missions where she is present, her defeat is not required to complete the mission.
Which Archvillains do I need to defeat?
See the list above.
Do I need to defeat the Arch Villains in order?
No, you may defeat them in any order that is convenient.
Are Mother Mayhem and Shadowhunter required?
No. Official sources state otherwise, but it has been found that neither one is actually required for the badge.


  1. Official Forums Thread: Badge Questions

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