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Doc Kryten


Doc Kryten is a Captive and belongs to the Hapless Scientist faction.

Villains can capture him on the Get coordinates for the 'Shadow Shard' from Portal Corp mission assigned by Technician Naylor.

He does not attack enemies; he will only follow villains to a nearby computer to get data. Several Longbow ambushes follow his capture.


Dr. Kryten is one of the numerous Portal Corporation scientists who have been working with the heroes of Paragon City to explore nearby dimensions.


When found, he will be talking with his Longbow bodyguards:

Doc Kryten: Oh my! Villain! In the base!
Longbow Soldier: Don't worry, Doc. We'll protect you.

When Longbow is engaged:

Longbow Soldier: Engaging the target!
Doc Kryten: Don't allow them to overpower you, fellows! Give it the old Longbow try!
Doc Kryten: I hope you gentlemen will excuse me for stating what may seem obvious, but we're positively scuppered!

When Kryten is captured:

Doc Kryten: I'll do what you want, just please stop hurting people!

If left behind:

Doc Kryten: Villains nowhere to be seen. Now is my chance!

If recaptured:

Doc Kryten: Not again! How many more must you defeat before you're satisfied, you monster!

When taken to his computer:

Doc Kryten: You're a monster. I only hope this information leads you to exactly what you deserve.


Dr. Kryten's name and speech patterns are readily identifiably British, and are an homage to the android Kryten in the British science fiction comedy television series Red Dwarf.