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Doorways are used to link other rooms. When a rooms are placed, doorways automatically connect them. In addition you can place other doorways going to two rooms. Only Doors can be placed in Doorways.

Note: As of this writing there are no Doors available in the Base Editor. They appear originally planned, but not implemented.


Subject Statistics
Price 0
Dimensions 1x1

Design Notes[]

All Base Rooms added to a Base must have a 1x1 grid space between them for automatic Doorway insertion by the Base Editor. The location of Doorways placed by the Base Editor can be over-ridden by placing a new Doorway. If a Doorway is placed beside an existing Doorway , this removes the current Doorway leaving only the new one as the connection between the two Base Rooms. If a room is large enough to allow a 1x1 space between doorways, additional doorways can be placed - i.e. no 2x1 or 3x1 doorways can be created, however a large room with 3 doorways is valid.

Additionally, no base items (neither decorative nor functional) are allowed to be on (or near in some cases) the wall that will be removed in the placement of the doorway, for example lights, comic covers, teleport beacons. To place the doorway, remove or relocate the items within the room. If a new doorway is being placed, BOTH rooms must have the removed walls clear of items