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Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Zone Skyway City
Coordinates (-485, 16, -7104.5)
Level Range 15-19
Introduced by Sanjay Chandra
Thao Ku
Alfonse Rubel
Introduces Jim Bell
Guy Denson
Virginia Hoffman
Enemy groups Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok
Badges Badge stature 03Plague Stopper

Dr. Ann-Marie Engles is a City of Heroes contact located in the Vista Plaza neighborhood of Skyway City at coordinates (-485, 16, -7104.5). Dr. Ann-Marie Engles is a Mutation origin contact. Her level range is 15-19.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

Have you ever read any of Jim Bell's articles in the paper? He's a great reporter who's been doing a lot of articles on the Tsoo and the Warriors. Jim has access to Training Enhancements.

Jim is outspoken and opinionated, but he is extremely well informed.

I know a courier named Guy Denson who would like to meet you. He runs all over town delivering important packages, and he's helped lots of heroes with the Clockwork and the Lost. Guy's routes have him in Steel Canyon now.

Guy will steer you to the heart of trouble.

You'd never guess it to look at her, but the sculptor Virginia Hoffman really knows a lot about what's going on in this town, especially with the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns. You should talk to her. Ms. Hoffman lives in Steel Canyon these days.

Virginia is very eccentric, but she has a good heart and is really interested in doing the right thing.


Scientists and Engineer

Dr. Engles moved to Paragon City just before the Rikti Invasion. Already famous for her work with microelectronics and molecular machines, she became the toast of the scientific community when, with the help of anonymous investors, she set up Engles Electronics, a research company focused chiefly on robotics. During the Rikti Invasion, she volunteered her time and expertise to help repair electronics and other equipment damaged during the attack. She also provided similar services for a number of Paragon City's gadget-oriented heroes. She is currently involved in a new robotics project that is somehow related to recovered Rikti technology. Dr. Engles keeps a tight lid on her discoveries, but is otherwise quite open with her knowledge and expertise. Villains have raided her labs on several occasions, but the city's heroes have always come to her rescue, something she's very grateful for.

Initial Contact[]

I can be of great help to you.


  • Inspirations

Badge Mission[]

Find and destroy the containers the Vahzilok are using to store the disease[]


The Vahzilok have developed a new strain of their wasting disease. You need to find and destroy the containers the Vahzilok are using to store the disease. A lot of lives are in your hands today. You only have 75 minutes to destroy the plague containers.

Make sure you destroy all the containers.

You hear the faint moaning of "Vah...zi...lok"

Mission Objective(s)

  • Destroy plague containers - 75 minutes timed
    • 3 plague containers


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok

Notable NPCs

  • None


Completion of this mission earns a hero the Plague Stopper Badge.

Badge stature 03 Plague Stopper

You were key in stopping a plague from overtaking Paragon City.


I can breathe much easier knowing that the threat of the Vahzilok wasting disease has been eliminated.

Story Arc[]


Hypodermic needle

A used needle may seem like a strange souvenir to some, but to you it's a reminder of one of your closest brushes with death, in an adventure you've come to think of as:

The Vahzilok Plague

It all started when your contact informed you of a deadly new Vahzilok disease. Eager to help, you went into the streets and the sewers to collect data on the diseased Vahzilok. But your heroism was not without its price. You learned that you had been infected with the deadly Vahzilok plague.

Your contact sent you to Professor St. John-Smythe for a cure. But when you arrived at the professor's labs, you found them under attack. You defeated the Vahzilok inside and saved the professor's colleagues, along with some of the precious serum they had concocted. Grateful for your help, one of the scientists used this needle to administer the cure.

Restored to full health, you ventured into the sewers once more, this time on a mission to incinerate the contaminated bodies. You came face to face with Dr. Vahzilok himself, but the mad doctor was not able to prevent you from ridding the world of his plague.

Take the scanning device and use it on any Vahzilok you see[]


Look, the city council wants to keep this quiet. There's been a rash of mysterious illnesses in the past few days, and a few cases have already proved fatal. We're not sure what this disease is, but it's quite virulent. If something isn't done soon, we'll be living in a ghost town.

We do have good evidence that the illness is connected to the Vahzilok zombies. I need you to take this scanning device and use it on any Vahzilok you see. We need all the data we can get.

Once you've defeated at least 15 of them, we should have enough data.

Icon clue generic
Medical scanner
This small medical device was designed by the ingenious Jonathan St. John Smythe. When placed on a subject's skin, it scans the body for any infections.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Scan Vahzilok for disease info
    • Defeat 15 Vahzilok

You have scanned enough Vahzilok.

Icon clue generic
Vahzilok data
This data contains information on the Vahzilok you defeated. It will be cross-referenced with previous scans to determine if these Vahzilok were carriers of the deadly new plague.


Thanks for scanning those Vahzilok. If they were carriers of this strange new disease, this data will be invaluable.

The best minds in Paragon City are working on this data you collected from the diseased Vahzilok.

Eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect samples[]


We had people all over the city scanning Vahzilok, but you got the best results. Based on your data, we think we've discovered where the diseased zombies are coming from! No surprises here; those walking disease factories have been hanging out in the most unhygienic place they could find: the sewers. I need you to eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect some samples of their tissue and blood.

Get back to me as soon as you can, and watch out for a Vahzilok they call the Cutter. He's as nasty as they come.

Mission Objective(s)

On the way here, you passed some kids playing kick-the-can. They have no idea that the Vahzilok infection could soon be ripping through their neighborhoods like a forest fire.

  • Eliminate all diseased Vahzilok
    • Find disease sample

You have located pure samples of the Vahzilok disease.

Icon clue generic
Vahzilok blood sample
These vials of foul-smelling, black blood should help determine the nature of the virulent Vahzilok contagion.


  • The boss name can vary. Possiblities are Cutter, Surgeon and Vivisector.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


Great work! These samples are the disease in it's pure form. With these, we're sure to find an antidote. I'll get tests run on them immediately.

Take the diseased blood samples to Professor St. John-Smythe for final processing[]


I'm sorry to say this, but you've been infected with the Vahzilok virus. Now, I don't want you to panic; it's at a very early stage, and we're already hard at work on a serum. If you could take these diseased blood samples to Professor St. John-Smythe for final processing, I'm sure he could give you a shot right away.

If you start to feel woozy, whatever you do, don't go to sleep!

Temporary Power

Temporary VahzilokDiseaseSL3 Vahzilok Wasting Disease Auto: Self -Regeneration, -Recovery, -Hit Points, -Endurance
You have been infected with the Vahzilok Wasting Disease. This disease, introduced by the Vahzilok, is slowly wasting you away. Find a cure, quick! Your maximum hit points, endurance, regeneration, and recovery have all been reduced.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deliver samples to the professor


Thank goodness you're here! Our labs are under attack by Vahzilok zombies, and we need your help! If that lab falls to the Vahzilok, our hopes for a cure will be ruined!

Mission Objective(s)

Saving the scientists is the only hope you have of curing the Vahzilok wasting disease.

  • Defeat Patient Zero and minions
    • 3 scientists to rescue

You have rescued the scientists and saved the labs. One of the scientists gave you a shot to cure you of the Vahzilok disease.

Icon clue generic
Scientist conversation
One of the scientists you rescued said:

'I'm glad you got here when you did. You just missed Dr. Vahzilok himself! He found half of our supply of the serum, and left to examine it. His minions would have found the rest in a few more minutes. Here, let me give you a shot. You'll be all right soon. But I'm afraid that Dr. Vahzilok will just alter his disease to make it resistant to our cure. I guess this proves that his so-called humanitarian motives are nothing but a crock. He can't be trying to cheat death if he's spreading killer viruses around.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


So, Dr. Vahzilok's minions made off with some of the serum! If Dr. Vahzilok modifies his virus to resist that drug, we may not be able to step the epidemic!

Go to the sewers and incinerate every body you find[]

Dr Vahzilok

Doctor Vahzilok


Now that Dr. Vahzilok has a sample of the antidote, it's only a matter of time before he can modify his virus and undo our work. However, I've analyzed all the data, and I think I have a very viable candidate for the ground zero of this entire outbreak. I'd like you to go down to the sewers and incinerate every body you find. If you can manage this, you'll put an end to Vahzilok's evil plague forever!

You must be careful. Dr. Vahzilok himself knows about your involvement, and may try to stop you. You'll have to judge for yourself if you'll be strong enough to fight him, or if destroying the bodies is the better answer. Maybe we can put an end to this whole thing here and now, before the rest of the city gets infected.

Mission Objective(s)

The hackles on the back of your neck stand on end.

  • Put an end to Vahzilok plague
    • 4 bodies remaining. Defeat Dr. Vahzilok (Issue 12 Patch notes)

You have put an end to the Vahzilok plague.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


So, you actually came face to face with Dr. Vahzilok himself? Few people have done that and lived to tell the tale. It's interesting that he seemed to have the same goal as you: eradicating the deadly plague he had caused. I guess it's possible that Vahzilok really does care about the harm he causes.


Recover the tome from the Vahzilok[]


I've learned that an Eidolon called Hunter has stolen the Tome of Telos. She's holed up in the Yellow Rose Cosmetics office, along with a bunch of Vahzilok. There's no telling what will happen if they manage to translate that book. I need you to recover the tome from the Vahzilok. You only have 90 minutes to deal with the Vahzilok.

The Tome of Telos describes a number of powerful ceremonies. I don't want the Vahzilok performing any of them!

Sewer slime is smeared across the foyer's cheery wallpaper

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Hunter and her minions - 1:30 timed)
    • 7 office workers to rescue, recover the tome


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok

Notable NPCs

  • Office worker x7 (Hostage NPC)

Thanks for saving me! Carver is insane!

  • Carver/Hunter/Slicer/Filleter (Boss) (Luminous Eidolon)

Soon I will be beautiful again!
I will perform my ritual! Hero must not interfere!

Icon clue generic
Tome of Telos
This tome is dedicated to the ancient god Telos. It is written in an alphabet that you have never seen before.


  • The name of the tome and the eidolon can vary. Possible tome names are Hermes, Ignis, Bion, Telos and Phobos. Possible eidolon names are Carver, Hunter, Filleter and Slicer


I've heard that the eidolons retain working brains and all the memories of their human lives. I guess the memory of being beautiful must have tortured Hunter. So she decided to regain her lost looks by performing one of the rituals described in the Tome of Telos.

It's sad, really. How could anyone trade her life, however short, for a hollow existence as one of Vahzilok's zombies?

Go to Faultline and stop the Vahzilok raids[]


I've learned that the Vahzilok have been raiding the labs and medical centers in Faultline. In the last raid, they took a number of organs that were intended for transplants. You've got to get over to Faultline and stop the Vahzilok raids.

A lot of the raids have taken place in New Overbrook. Start looking for Vahzilok around there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Vahzilok in Faultline
    • Defeat 15 Vahzilok

You have discouraged the Vahzilok from raiding Faultline's medical centers for human organs.


Thanks for putting down those Vahzilok raids. I'm sure Paragon City's medical community is as grateful as I.

Go to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace[]


I guess you've heard that many of the Outcasts long for the life of a superhero. Well, in Boomtown, they've started acting out their fantasies. I've heard reports of Outcasts harassing civilians for small crimes such as littering, jaywalking, and riding bikes on the sidewalk. Nobody likes a jaywalker, but this is just too much! I want you to get over to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace.

I'm hearing the most reports from Grenadier and the Cannonade. You should probably start in those neighborhoods.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Outcasts in Boomtown
    • Defeat 15 Outcasts

You have discouraged the Outcasts from harassing the civilians in Boomtown.


With their powers, many of the Outcasts could have found work as heroes. It's a pity that they chose a life of crime instead.

Stop the Vahzilok from making off with Steel Canyon citizens[]


The neighborhood watch in Steel Canyon is reporting an increase in Vahzilok kidnappings. Someone has to stop the Vahzilok from making off with Steel Canyon citizens! I need you over there, on the double!

There have been recent incidents in Gimry Ridge and The Copper District. I recommend starting near those neighborhoods.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Vahzilok in Steel Canyon
    • Defeat 15 Vahzilok

You have discouraged the Vahzilok from kidnapping the people of Steel Canyon.


It is every hero's job to keep our citizens safe from the Vahzilok. They are an enemy without mercy or regret.

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