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E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 30 Reward Merits.


Too Low Level[]

Erm... well, you see... this is a little awkward... Frankly, Character, I'm worried that this mission might be more than you can handle. Return when you are Level 45 or higher.

Not Enough People[]

Yes, yes, there's something you should attend to, Character, but it's not something you can handle alone. I think maybe that 4 of you could do it. Maybe you have some friends who will help? You need at least 4 heroes on your team to accept this Taskforce.

Not Team Leader[]

Erm... I applaud your initiative, Character, but I really need to speak to the leader of your team.


Agree to form a task force[]

Return of the Reichsman
Part One: If I Could Save Time in a Capsule
Briefing Oh, I'm glad you're here, Character! I've just found out that some villains are trying to steal Hero 1's time capsule. Please take your friends and stop them. You need to act fast to catch the criminals in the act. Mission Acceptance Please hurry! Time is of the essence and who knows what information the time capsule holds. Erm, this may sound grandiose, but I've always wanted to say this. Ah, I dub thee Task Force! Unnecessary Solicitation The villains are robbing City Hall! Please go and stop them before it's too late. Mission Objective(s)

They moved the time capsule to a vault under City Hall to keep it safe. It appears that wasn't enough to protect it!

  • Stop the break in at City Hall
    • Stop the villains
    • Go through the portal
    • Find and defeat Schadenfreude
    • Destroy the troop portal

You didn't recover the information those villains stole, but you found something more serious -- 5th Column troops, preparing for an invasion! What's going on?!? Location -Train

Hero 1's Time Capsule

Enemies Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
CoV Game Icon.png Rogue Isles Villains

Notable NPCs

Debriefing The 5th Column, you say? That's very odd. Let me do some research and see if I can discover what they are up to. Erm, if you need to get in contact with me quickly, use my cell phone. Here's the number.

Stop the 5th Column[]

Return of the Reichsman
Part Two: A Boom Time in the Old Town
Briefing Character, you've arrived just in time! Ah, that temporal portal you destroyed was just the tip of the iceberg. They must have had more of them, somewhere, because a huge army of 5th Column troops has invaded Boomtown! Erm, please, would you and your friends go there to see what you can do to help fight them off? Mission Acceptance Erm, I can't help but think that tis is all somehow related to the information those villains took from Hero 1's time capsule. Keep your eyes open for anything unusual while you're there... well, more unusual than a 5th Column invasion, that is! If you run into more trouble than you can handle, don't be afraid to ask for help! Members of the Freedom Phalanx are also on their way to fight this threat, but you're going to be the first responders. Take this signal device, just in case. And be careful out there! This is a dangerous situation. Unnecessary Solicitation You still need to kick the 5th Column out of Boomtown. Mission Objective(s)

There sure are a lot of invaders here.

  • Defeat the 5th Column Invasion
    • 5 Troop Portals to Destroy
    • Find Mission Exit

You shut down the 5th Column Troop portals, but Reichsman was just... unstoppable, like he said. Location -Train


Enemies Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Invulnerable Reichsman
During the 5th Column invasion of Boomtown, you encountered Reichsman. He boasted of being supercharged and unstoppable, and he was. Nothing you did could touch him, and he took Statesman down with ease.

You need to find the source of Reichsman's power and counter it, to stop this 5th Column threat.

Debriefing Ah, this is terrible! A supercharged Reichsman is a serious threat! Erm, you must find a way to stop him, Character, for the sake of Paragon City!

Investigate the source of Reichsman's power[]

Return of the Reichsman
Part Three: Infiltration
Briefing This situation with Reichsman is serious, Character! Erm, apparently, he's invincible. We've got to figure out where he's getting all of this power from. Ah, are you up for a little infiltration? Mission Acceptance I hypothesize that the 5th Column must have a secret installation under Boomtown. If you can find it and search it, you should turn up some information that will help us determine the source of Reichsman's power. Unnecessary Solicitation You still need to get that thing for me. Mission Objective(s)

It wasn't too hard to slip past the invaders and get to this base. Hopefully, you'll find what you need here.

  • Find the 5th Column base
    • Find the information
    • Defeat the base's leader

Dr. Kahn should be able to figure out if there's anything useful in the computer files. Location -Train Enemies Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Reichsman's Computer Files
These files are dossiers on various Marcus Coles from alternate Earths. It appears that Reichsman himself is a version of Marcus Cole from a world where the Germans won World War II!
Icon clue generic.png
Reichsman's Plan
These files detail the Reichsman's plans to make an alliance of equals with four powerful arch villains. With Reichsman at the head of this "Council of Villains," he would have all of the resources he needed to run rampant over Paragon City!

Debriefing Ah, you have some information for me, Character. Thank you! Let me read these and, erm, see where they lead us.

Go talk with Tina Macintyre[]

Return of the Reichsman
Part Four: Visiting the Old Country
Briefing The files were all information on different versions of Marcus Coles from alternate Earths. Erm, I'm not sure what that's leading to, myself, but if it involves alternate realities, then Tina Macintyre should be able to figure out what's going on. You should go speak with her. Mission Acceptance Ah, I've already forwarded the files to Tina, so she'll be up to speed when you speak with her. If anyone can figure out this dimensional stuff, it will be her.

Talk with Tina Macintyre[]

Unnecessary Solicitation You need to talk with Tina Macintyre Location - Peregrine Island Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk with Tina Macintyre


I've been reading over those files you recovered, Character, and it looks like you have quite a problem on your hands. Ask why Reichsman is so powerful I believe that Reichsman has kidnapped a number of his counterparts -- including Statesman -- and is somehow transferring a portion of their power to himself. This is making him incredibly powerful, as you've seen. Right now, I don't believe that there's a hero -- or hero team -- that can stand up to him. If he continues unchecked, his invasion will succeed and Paragon City will be conquered by the 5th Column. Ask how you can defeat Reichsman Reichsman is enhancing himself with cross-dimensional energy. If you can somehow reinforce his connection to his home dimension, you should be able to 'ground' him and, in effect, short out much of his added power. Reichsman will still be very powerful, but I believe you and your companions will be able to defeat him. We know the coordinates of Reichsman's home dimension. If you go through the portal and tap some energy sources, I should be able to use that energy to power a device that will create a stronger connection between Reichsman and his home. Here, this scanner will let you see the sources. When you find them, just plant one of these taps on each one. I'll need about five sources to power the 'grounding ray'. Good luck, Character!

Get energy sources from Axis Earth[]

Unnecessary Solicitation You should go through the portal to Axis Earth so you can plant the energy transmitting devices. Mission Objective(s)

This place is eerie. It reminds you of your home... but gone all wrong.

  • Get energy sources from Axis Earth
    • 5 Energy Sources

Location -Peregrine Island Enemies Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Temporary RangeLightDamage.png Dimensional Grounding Ray Foe: Special
On most creatures this ray would be harmless, however blasting an entity which is drawing its power from an alternate dimension will have its power source severed. This should be the perfect tool to weaken Reichsman.

Editor's Note: The order in which Nemesis, Gyrfalcon, Countess Crey, and Vanessa DeVore are called upon by Reichsman is random. Debriefing Good job! Tina has completed the grounding device. You're ready to take on Reichsman again... this time the advantage should be all yours.

Go face Reichsman in his base[]

Return of the Reichsman
Finale: A Meeting of the Minds
Briefing The time has come for your team to make their final stand against Reichsman and his forces. He's back in his base under Boomtown, up to something "big," according to our informants. The concept of something bigger than an all-out invasion frightens me, Character. You need to get to Reichsman's base and stop him before it is too late.

The Reichsman's Room

Mission Acceptance Tina MacIntyre's dimensional grounding device should give you the edge you'll need in your upcoming fight. Good luck to you all, Character. We're counting on you! Unnecessary Solicitation You need to go to the 5th Column base under Boomtown and defeat Reichsman. Mission Objective(s)

This base seems far too calm and organized to you. You'd expect more action from a group that's conducting an invasion. Something big must be going on...

  • Defeat Reichsman
    • Stop Reichsman

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Enemies Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Editor's Note: The order in which Nemesis, Gyrfalcon, Countess Crey, and Vanessa DeVore are called upon by Reichsman is random.

Badge The Column Breaker badge is awarded upon completion of this mission.

Badge 5thColumnHeroBadge.png Column Breaker

Even though Reichsman managed to escape, you know you've stopped his plans to form an unstoppable allegiance of evil.

Master of the 5th Column Task Force[]

If you successfully complete the Dr. Kahn Task Force with challenge settings of zero defeats (no one on the team can be defeated throughout the entire task force) and no Temporary Powers (other than the powers gained during the TF), you will receive the following achievement badge.

Badge MasterofReichsmanTF.png Master of the 5th Column Task Force

You have proven yourself Master of the 5th Column Task Force.

Debriefing You've saved Paragon City, Character! Reichsman may have slipped away like a dog with its tail between its legs, but you still managed to capture four very dangerous villains and stop the invasion. Not a bad day's work, Character. Not bad at all. Editor's Note: The order in which Nemesis, Gyrfalcon, Countess Crey, and Vanessa DeVore are called upon by Reichsman is random.


Souvenir: Reichman's Plans

These plans for conquest remind you of the time when you saved Paragon City from the 5th Column in an adventure you call The Return of the Reichsman When a break in at City Hall lead you to a base that was rife with 5th Column activity, you knew something big was up. Your hunch was proved right when the 5th Column invaded Boomtown, so you headed there to shut them down. Though you defeated their generals and shut down the troop portals, a super-charged Reichsman arrived forcing you to retreat and find some way to defeat him. Your investigations lead you to a 5th Column base where you recovered information that revealed Reichsman was an alternate version of Statesman, and was collecting other alternate versions of himself from which he could steal power, making him practically invincible. Working on the theory you could somehow "ground" this power out with the proper energy source, you went to Axis Earth where you tapped 5 energy sources. You returned to your home and traveled to the 5th Column Base in Boomtown to confront Reichsman, only to find him in conference with four of the most powerful arch-villains around! You shattered his plans of an alliance of evil and captured the arch-villains, but Reichsman managed to slip away in the end. Somehow, you don't think you've seen the last of him.