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Dr. Quatrexin

Overview Edit

Dr. Quatrexin is an Archvillain that is currently aligned with Arachnos.

Villains can find him on the Defeat Dr. Quatrexin mission from Black Scorpion for levels 40-44.

Description Edit

The original inventor of the Black Scorpion armor has made some improvements in his latest re-design. He may not be as skilled in the suit as Black Scorpion himself, but he's still an extremely lethal combatant.

Quotes Edit

Before Combat: Black Scorpion was a fool to think he could get away with stealing my power armor! Now I shall rule as a true villain!
What was that? One of Black Scorpion's lackeys?
You shall not live to see your master again!

At 75% Life: Argh!

At 50% Life: Impossible! How could you penetrate my armor?

At 25% Life: Must... initiate... nano-repair!

Defeated: Arrrgh! System... shutting... down!


  • His former name was Dr. Leonard Bowen.

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  • Dr. Quatrexin's Arachnos profile for a list of his powers
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