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Dra'Gon is an Archvillain who fights for the Rikti. He's a former human who has become now the Lineage of War head scientist in charge to re-estabilize the portal between Earth and the Rikti homeworld.

Heroes and Villains can find him on The Lady Grey Task Force during the Save Captured Psychics mission from The Lady Grey. (Levels 45-50)


The Dragon is a decorated Rikti general, a hero for them from the first Rikti war. He was caught on the homeworld side of the dimensional barrier when Hero 1 and the rest of the Omega Team sealed the pathway between our world and theirs.


During the mission Save Captured Psychics:

Dra'Gon will show up after freeing the prisoners, trying to prevent their escape:

Globalchat.png Dra'Gon: Self Declaration: Dra'Gon.
Dra'Gon: Subject Escape: Unallowable!
Dra'Gon: None Escape: Alive!

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