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Dreck is an Archvillain that is the leader of the Freakshow.

Heroes can face him:

Villains can find him:


Shortly after the Freakshow started to cybernetically enhance themselves, a true leader stepped forward from the Freakshow's ranks. One of its founders, who calls himself simply Dreck, had long been the brains behind the operation and decided it was time his rank of President became official. He had to beat down two dozen other challengers to seize the position, but once he'd established supremacy Dreck finally gave the Freakshow the vision it needed to press forward.

Dreck and the Freakshow began to preach a philosophy of rage unleashed. They tapped into feelings of impotence; particularly among young twenty-something men who had "good jobs" that offered no hope or joy. Young men who wanted to lash out at the world because they couldn't find it within themselves to find meaning. They were looking for someone, anyone to provide that meaning and, unfortunately, a number of them turned to a man named Dreck.


Born Daniel Watson, Dreck is the glue that holds the militantly independent Freakshow together. The Freaks may chafe at his orders, they may laugh at his haircut, but they all have to respect Dreck´s absolute lust for violence.


During the mission Stop Dreck mission from Unai Kemen:

Before combat: Which do you like better? Lord Dreck? Or Dreck, Emperor of Desolation?

Combat start: I'll turn you into a rug beneath my throne!

During the mission 'Invite' Dreck from Viridian:

Let me show you how to hurt!

Are you gonna start fighting soon or what?

I know what the problem is! I'm too sober!

I think I'm gonna need a new arm! Cool!

We should do that again...



Dreck once worked for Crey Industries as Daniel Watson.

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