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Badge time This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.

Updates with Issue 9[]

Since the release of Issue 9 and the 9/5/07 patch, no longer can players access the majority of these animations. Some are still accessible, but most, if not all, have shifted their corresponding emote trigger. The Ghost Widow floating animation can no longer be done.

Dwarf Form / Nova Form Bug[]

Currently there is a neat little bug, known as the Dwarf Form Bug, this allows Warshades, and Peacebringers, to be in Nova Form or Dwarf Form, but still appear Human, this allows Warshades to fly in human form, yet have access to the Nova Form Powers, or indeed Tank as a dwarf, in Human form. To Achieve this, one must be lvl6 or lvl20, and be of the respective Archtype, and have access to Nova form, or Dwarf form.

  • Switch into Nova form/Dwarf form
  • Rapidly switch in and out of SG Mode
  • Rapidly Change badge title
  • Change SG Mode several more times
  • Scroll down sg list
  • Change Badge more times

The technique is rather random, I admit, but after 5 to 10 minutes, it usually works, getting this bug to work on Dwarf form has some benefits. It gives access to several animations, which cannot be accessed via Emotes. For Example /em bbkickit makes your character float in air, and rotate round like Ghost Widows Soul Storm is holding you. (Picture to follow) /em Dance1 and other dance emotes makes your character float in air, as if being held with gravity powers. When using this bug, disabling Nova or Dwarf form will disengage the bug, and subsequent shapeshifts will turn you into the respective form, meaning you need to repeat the steps above to create the glitch.


Updated Stratagy It turns out the way to get this bug working is to

  • Switch in and out of Sg mode whilst in nova or Dwarf form
  • WAIT 5 Minutes
  • Change your badge title - it will either happen here
  • Change in and out of Sg mode again - it will either happen here or above.