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Perseverance and downright determination brought you this badge. Only the most devout egg hunters will find this spot. Lucky you.


The Egg Hunter Badge is inside a small room under Freight Lift C in Faultline. To get to it, take Freight Lift C to the bottom. When exiting the lift, you will be facing south. Walk down the east-facing ramp at the bottom of Freight Lift C. Once at the bottom of the ramp, stand in front of the large spool of wire. Walk directly north under the ramp all the way to the wall. Turn directly west and there is a very narrow opening behind the boxes under the ramp. Walk forward and a small doorway is on the north side, opening into a room with a Cryptic Lounge sign on the wall. The badge is in the middle of that room.

Its coordinates are (-908.5, -183, 109.5).

Badge Egg Hunter

Note that the Lounge does not always appear as pictured. The two developers (Mike and Melissa) are not always present.


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