Overview[edit | edit source]

An Elite Boss is a tough opponent to face. Elite Bosses have several times as many HP as a standard boss, and are more powerful in other ways as well. They can sometimes be soloed, but often require teammates to defeat.

However, Elite Bosses will Con at the same level as a boss, and defeating one earns XP and Inf roughly the same as a boss.

Depending on your character's Notoriety and the number of teammates you have, mission-specific Archvillains or Heroes may spawn as Elite Bosses instead. These reduced foes will retain the Purple Triangles of Doom, which other Elite Boss units do not.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Elite Boss enemy class was first introduced in Issue 2. Frostfire is its well-known poster mutant.
  • In City of Villains the most commonly encountered Elite Boss are the Longbow troops known as Longbow Ballista
  • The most common Elite Boss ally found is the Shivan Decimator, who is obtained from Bloody Bay.

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