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Emil Marcone

Emil Marcone


Emil Marcone is an Elite Boss for the Family. Villains may find him two times during the Sory Arc Last Man Standing from Billie Heck. (Levels 5-9)

He will be an ally during the mission Defeat all Verandi intruders, the first time. During the second encounter, in the mission Capture Emil Marcone, he will be an enemy that you must defeat.


Emil Marcone is the son of Manuel Marcone, the former governor of Port Oakes. When Manuel was arrested by Interpol, Guido 'The Mooch' Verandi stepped up to take control, much to the chagrin of Emil. Emil is now doing whatever he can to seize control from Guido.


During the Defeat all Verandi intruders mission:

Once free: Thanks for the assist, Villain! We're gonna teach those Mooks a lesson!

During the Capture Emil Marcone mission:

Combat start: It's that goon we hired! You're goin' down, Villain!

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