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Slash Command[]

/emote emote

Aliases: e, em, me, ";"

Causes the character to attempt to display the animation of the emote specified.

If the emote specified does not have an animation, will simply display the text in a thought bubble. This 'thought bubble channel' is similar to local, is zone specific and has a range of about 50 yards.

NOTE: This command has a unique alias, the semicolon ";". If a semicolon is typed in the chat box, then everything after it will be treated as the emote portion including the space, so leave the space off. It just so happens that semicolon is bound to "beginchat ;" so that pressing ";" when not in the chat box will put ";" in the chat box for you. This alias does not work in binds.


  • /e dance
  • /me angry
  • ;point

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Mantid's Animated Emote Guide has a list of every emote in the game, with animated GIF files of each for reference.