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Theorically, various. (Divine beings in general)


Enochian is the celestial language of divine beings. We know of its existence through the Translation Stone, which is currently the only mention of this language in-game.


In game

  • City of Heroes
    • Mission: Recover tomes from Circle (Story Arc: The Scroll of Tielekku)
  • City of Villains:
    • Nowhere

In comic book

  • So far, none.

In novels


Other sources (Pen and Pencil game, Trading Cards game, etc...)

  • Enochian is an occult/angelic language used in the private journals of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in the late 16th century; more details can be found at Wikipedia.
  • Additionally, the languages name is (possibly) a reference to the Biblical city of Enoch, named after the son of Cain. Several other people in the Bible, and related Apocrypha, also bore that name. More details at Wikipedia.


  • City of Heroes mission: Recover tomes from Circle (Story Arc: The Scroll of Tielekku)

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