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This room is required in all bases, and provides admittance to the base. Every base starts with one, and it may not be removed from the plot.


When a character enters a base, it is via this room. It may be reached via any Base Portal in any City Zone. It may also be reached by the Base Transporter Veteran's Reward power.

This room also provides access to the Base Editor Menu, the means by which all aspects of the base may be changed.

Any member of a Super Group has access to the Add Personal Item menu. Members who have editing rights also have access to the Edit Base and upgrade plot menu items.

The height of the entrance room floor can be changed only in a limited fashion.


Category Entrance Room
Title Entrance Room
Description This room holds the entrance to the base. Only one may exist per base, and it may not be removed from the Plot.
Price free
Dimensions 2x2
Decorative Unlimited

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