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Essence of the Earth will negate damage dealt from Mitochondria Antibodies, Mitochondria Electrolytes and Hamidon. They will not, however, guard against any mez effects such as Knockback, Fear or Disorient. They are designed to help players become experienced in Hamidon Raids and shouldn't be necessary after a while.


By consuming the Essence of the Earth, you will gain partial immunity to the unique properties of the Hamidon's Electrolytic attacks. It lasts for 60 seconds. Bam!

How to Get

Essence of the Earth is dropped by Monsters of the Devouring Earth. As with most rewards, there is a chance for anyone who helped bring down the Monster to receive an EoE.

(I have personally confirmed that the Jurassik found at Crey's Folly drops EoE; my last drop was in March 7th 2008 -- Leandro 17:56, 2 April 2008 (UTC))

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