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Evolving Armor is a power in the Bio Armor power set.


BioOrganicArmor Evolution
CreateSymbol Neutral
Archetypeicon scrapper
Overlay small 10
Archetypeicon tanker
Overlay small 6
V archetypeicon brute
Overlay small 10
Evolving Armor
Self Toggle, +Res(All), Foe -Res(All), Taunt, +Special
When faced with danger, your Bio Armor reacts by becoming incredibly durable as well as infecting nearby enemies, lowering their resistance to damage. While active, Evolving Armor will grant you small amount of damage resistance, plus an additional amount for each nearby target. Nearby foes will also be taunted and have their damage resistance reduced. While no Adaptations are active, this power grants a moderate bonus to Regeneration and Recovery plus a tiny amount of both for each nearby foe up to 10 foes. While Defensive Adaptation is active you gain a very minor amount of defense and damage resistance for each nearby foe. If Offensive Adaptation is active you'll gain a moderate recharge bonus, plus a tiny recharge bonus for each nearby foe up to 10 foes, as well as empowering Evolving Armor's resistance debuff moderately. These special bonuses are unenhanceable. Recharge: Slow TO Training Damage ResistanceTO Training Taunt EffectivenessTO Training Attack RateTO Training Endurance Cost

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