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Experiment 236

Experiment 236


Experiment 236 is a boss and one of Krylov's Creations.

Villains can find him on the Defeat Experiment 236 and witnesses mission from Dmitri Krylov.


Experiment 236 is a creation of Dr. Dmitri Krylov, a Russian scientist who came to the Rogue Isles to make money by creating super-powered villains. Experiment 236 did not survive the transformation process with his sanity intact, and has since gone on a fiery rampage!


During the Defeat Experiment 236 and witnesses mission he will fight the Spetsnaz who try to capture him:

Ryadovoi 1: We have him now!
Ryadovoi 2: Come along quietly, Experiment 236! You will take us to Krylov!
Experiment 236: I am not a number! I am a free man! Raaaargh!

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