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Faathim the Kind

Faathim the Kind is a City of Heroes contact located in The Chantry at coordinates (-30.5, -1995, 4).

Villains can find him as an ally in the Take the Malleus Mundi from the Circle in the Shadow Shard mission from Scirocco for levels 40-44.

Villains can find him as an ally in the Find Olivia Darque & escape mission from Efficiency Expert Pither for levels 45-50.


Faathim the Kind's sole purpose in life is to protect the innocents of the Shadow Shard. He has worked hard to maintain his independence in the Chantry. He has limited means of rebellion, but he uses his mighty healing powers to assist champions of good when he can.



Master of the Chantry

This mysterious entity is the master of the Chantry, the floating spherical castle under constant assault by the forces of the Rularuu. In the few whispered tales of Faathim the natives repeat, they speak of his compassion and call him Faathim the Kind. However, his origins and his purpose are unknown.

Initial Contact[]

Missing Initial Contact Dialog

Task Force[]

See Faathim the Kind Task Force

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