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Father Gerard Henri was a French Jesuit priest who travelled to the Rogue Islands in the 17th-Century for some purpose involving the Children of Enos. He is credited with the sealing of the demon Bat'Zul the Imprisoned under Mount Diable on Cap au Diable and for partially exorcising the Spectral Pirates that haunt Fort Hades on Port Oakes. Father Henri is described as a "master of mystic powers", and apparently traveled with a team of "blessed adventurers".

Father Henri's journals are key clues in the Level 5-9 villain story arc "The Book And The Burning" from Mr. Bocor and the Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force.


According to his journal, Father Henri worked for the French government in the 17th-Century. While in Egypt, he heard tales of the demon-worshipping cult the Children of Enos from a "mysterious source", and made his way to the Rogue Isles.

When he arrived, he found the cult and the French garrison sent to combat them wiped out by the demon Bat'Zul, which had been summoned in despiration by the Children of Enos. After careful preparations, Father Henri and his team of "blessed adventurers" were able to trap the demon under Mount Diable. This tale is supported by archeological evidence of wholesale slaughter and a massive burning of Cap au Diable.

In the 1830's, an aged Father Henri took it upon himself to put to rest the Spectral Pirates that haunt Fort Hades on the island of Port Oakes. Henri performed an exorcism, but it was only partially successful; the ghosts rest during the day, but still come out after the sun sets.

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