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Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Paragon City's proximity to Ley Line crossings makes it a prime location for magical villain supergroups.


Originally, the Faultless Mystic Badge was located approximately 173 yrds NNE of the "Precipice" marker in the crevice next to a burnt-out car, at Loc: -843.6 -406.8 -715.2. It can still be found there in "Echo: Faultline" on some servers.

In Issue 8, the location of the Faultless Mystic Badge was changed. It now resides on top of a construction site 217 yards west of the New Overbrook neighborhood marker, in the Faultline.

Its coordinates are (821.5, 95.5, -1154.5).

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