This article is about the Paragon City Zone. For the NPC Ally, see Faultline (Ally).
Map Faultline

Hero City Zone (15-25)

Trainers: Mirror Spirit
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Apex, Drowned Rat, Egg Hunter, Escape Artist, Faultless Mystic, Newsman, Old Fashioned, Undammed
Plaques: Disciple VIVII, Just Said No to Superadine V, Scholar V
Enemies: Arachnos, Clockwork, Freakshow, Hydra, Lost, Sky Raiders, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Skyway City, Pocket D
Transits: none
Faultline at

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Faultline is a City zone in CoH. While it was once a trial zone and therefore restricted by level, since Issue 8, Faultline has become a Green zone, and now allows heroes of all levels access to it, though the enemies in the zone range from level 15 upward. It was originally known as Overbrook, before the villain Faultline destroyed it with his earthquake devices.

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  • Aftershock
  • Dark Canyons
  • Downfall
  • Precipice
  • Resevoir
  • Subduction

Exploration Badges Edit

Badge tourist 01 Undammed

Funding has recently been passed in an effort to stop the damage caused by the leaking Paragon City Dam.

Badge tourist 01 Newsman

The Theodore Knight building was home to many Super Groups in the years before the Rikti War.

Badge tourist 01 Faultless Mystic

Ley Lines are powerful forces of mystical energy that crisscross the planet. Paragon City's proximity to Ley Line crossings makes it a prime location for magical villain supergroups.

Badge tourist 01 Apex

Apex tracked Dr. Vahzilok down to this location, but interference from the Circle of Thorns prevented him from capturing the mad scientist.

Badge tourist 01 Drowned Rat

The dam burst here due to exceptionally strong seismic activity.

Badge tourist 01 Egg Hunter

Perseverance and downright determination brought you this badge. Only the most devout egg hunters will find this spot. Lucky you.

Badge tourist 01 Escape Artist

Dr. Hank Neville, foremost geologist, was attacked by Arachnos, but escaped with the help of Freedom Corps troops.

Badge tourist 01 Old Fashioned

Best doughnuts in all of Paragon City! You picked the ultimate bragging rights location.

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The following plaque has been added to the Faultline zone. It is currently not associated with any known history badge:

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