Firebase Zulu
Map FirebaseZulu

Hero Hazard Zone (40-44)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: Dr. Quaterfield
Events: none
Exploration Badges: none
Plaques: none
Enemies: Crey, Nemesis, Rularuu, Shadow Shard Reflections
Connecting Zones: Cascade Archipelago, Chantry, Peregrine Island, Storm Palace
Transits: none
Firebase Zulu at

Overview Edit

Firebase Zulu is a Hazard zone in CoH. A hero needs to be at least level 40 to enter. It is the first of the Shadow Shard zones.

To enter the zone, go into the center building of Portal Corporation in Peregrine Island and click on either of the portals in the building. The portals are not marked as being an entrance to Firebase Zulu.

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  • Firebase November
  • Firebase Zulu
  • Point Alpha
  • Point Bravo
  • Point Charlie
  • Point Echo
  • Point Foxtrot
  • Point Sierra
  • Point Tango
  • Point Victor
  • Point X-Ray
  • Tempest Sector

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