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V badge MayhemForceOfNature.png


Paragon City felt your wrath; you are a true Force of Nature!

Accolade Power[]

Upon acquiring this badge, a villain will earn the Force of Nature power.

BA Geas Of Kind Ones.png Force of Nature Self: +Recharge, + Recovery, +Accuracy, -Defense
You have shown yourself as a true Force of Nature, and been bestowed with the fury of the elements. Like most supernatural gifts, the Force of Nature is both a blessing and a curse. By using it you can greatly increase your recharge speed, Endurance recovery, and Accuracy for 1 minute. However, your Defense will be severely reduced.

How to Get[]

Obtain the following badges.

V badge MayhemVandal.png Vandal Badge   Defeats   Destroy 25 Hydrants, 25 Mailboxes, 25 Newspaper stands, and 25 Pay phones during Mayhem Missions.
V badge MayhemHeroSlayer.png Hero Slayer Badge   Defeats   Defeat 100 (non-player) Heroes.
V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Outlaw Badge   Defeats   Defeat 1000 Paragon Police Department members.
V badge MayhemSafeCracker.png Safecracker Badge   Defeats   Destroy 10 Vault Doors during Mayhem Missions.
V badge MayhemImpounder.png Impounder Badge   Achievement   Destroy 200 cars during Mayhem Missions.
V badge MayhemFireBug.png Firebug Badge   Achievement   Complete 10 arson side missions during Mayhem Missions.
V badge LongbowBadge.png Villain Badge   Achievement   Defeat 1000 Longbow.

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