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Founders' Falls
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Hero City Zone (31-40)

Trainers: Infernal
TF Contacts: Captain James Harlan (TV),
Maren MacGregor (Sewer),
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Chaotician, Foggy
Plaques: Scholastic I, Savant I
Enemies: Circle of Thorns, Council, Crey, Devouring Earth, Nemesis, Rikti
Connecting Zones: Eden, Pocket D, Talos Island, Rikti War Zone
Transits: Green Line
Founders' Falls at



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Notable NPCs[]

Zone Events[]

The Kronos Class Titan will sometimes appear here as an ambush for someone's mission.


  • Blackstone Hills
  • The Gaspee
  • Harvey Medical Center
  • Hutchinson Park
  • Liberty Town
  • Louis Forest
  • The Red River
  • Williams Square

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01 Chaotician

Professor Xaos brought Paragon City to its knees shortly after the Rikti War with his Mandelbrot Device. Synapse and Positron were able to work together for once and saved the city.

Voodoo practitioner Cadao Kestrel fled into these tunnels after being accused of murder. Agent Six tracked him here and beat him within an inch of his life before arresting him. Cadao would later be cleared of all charges, but to this day he has not gone near Agent Six, claiming she is "out of her mind." 1133.4, -21.0, 2153.8

Badge tourist 01 Foggy

This building is in the final stages of preparing suites for the use of the city's Super Groups.

Location: Travel 107 yards SE of the Gaspee marker. The badge is on the ground next to a fountain. This is the red zone and level 40 Crey have been seen nearby.

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