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Temporary FreakshowDisguise


Freakshow Disguise

This suit can cause you to look like a member of the Freakshow without actually undergoing the hazardous cybernetic surgery. You can pass completely unnoticed by the Freakshow. However, if you take any aggressive actions, your cover will be blown, and the diguise will no longer be effective. Disables the use of Stealth related powers while worn. This disguise will last one hour of real time.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, complete the Infiltrate the Freakshow and recover the stolen Chameleon Suit mission assigned by Andrew Fiore , Wilma Peterson or Jake Kim. Note that the mission description incorrectly states that the temporary power lasts only 15 minutes, but that the power description contains the correct time of one hour or until you talk to your contact after completing the mission. Also note that the stealth is effective against all enemies, not just Freakshow.

Power Summary

Duration One hour or upon return to contact after mission
Effects Auto: Self Stealth

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