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Freedom Corps Tactical Officer is an NPC in the ? neighborhood of Faultline. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (174, -1336, 2294).

He gives the following warning about the reservoir area of Faultline.

That reservoir out there is tough. Tougher than you might expect.

You'll want to take a few friends with you. We have a small presence out there, but not enough to be of much help, I'm afraid. Keep an eye out for the Arachnos base to the West. It's heavily guarded. Their turrents have taken out quite a few of our patrols. Speaking of patrols, keep an eye out for those spider bots of theirs. Nasty things. Don't think I'm kidding.

I never thought we'd have to defend ourselves against Arachnos, but Lord Recluse is not only evil, he's entrepreneurial. We have something he wants. When you get strong enough, believe me, we'll be needing you in Recluse's Victory. For now, study their tactics here since their presence is small. They've been tunneling this place for ages, going through wrecked supergroup bases looking for materials. You need to stop them. Maybe those Sky Raiders will thin their numbers a bit, but I doubt it.

Good luck, hero.

Remember what I said. That reservoir is tough. Friends are your best weapons.