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Echo: Galaxy City
Map GalaxyCity

Hero City Zone (1-6)

Trainers: "none"
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Bird Watcher, Blue Shield, Brawler, Land Locked, Tank
Plaques: Expert IIIII, Intellectual II, Pupil II, Student III
Enemies: Clockwork, Hellions, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Ouroboros
Transits: "none"
Echo: Galaxy City at


Echo: Galaxy City was one of two starting zones for new heroes. (Atlas Park is the other.)

Galaxy City was destroyed as part of The Coming Storm in Issue 21. An "Echo" of the zone is accessible through Ouroboros which allows characters to travel to a version of Galaxy City before the meteor strikes there and still earn the existing Exploration and History badges as they would have in the past. All the previous contacts and NPCs were "rescued" from the destruction and relocated to Atlas Park. The Arena and Architect Entertainment buildings are closed, but the Hospital and Freedom Corps HQ are still open.

Galaxy City was a densely populated region, with a business sector to the north, a warehouse district to the south, and a park with a small lake in the southeast. The Freedom Corps building is also in this zone.

Like Atlas Park, the Hellions street gang had moved into Galaxy City in force, and the Clockwork were also active in a slightly more covert fashion. Heroes of security level 1 through 6 worked to keep the peace in Galaxy City.

The entrance to the Echo: of Galaxy City can be found by going behind the main building in Ouroboros. You will will find an Ouroboros Portal in front of the med porters.


Galaxy City was a small, sheltered district near the heart of Paragon City. It was a densely populated region located between Independence Port to the west and Perez Park to the east. Galaxy is south of the financial towers of Steel Canyon and north of the industrial warehouses of Kings Row.

Galaxy City was perhaps best known for its tributes to fallen heroes. Several breathtaking statues are found scattered throughout the district, reminding the residents of those who gave so much of themselves for the people of the city. The sculptures are all dedicated to heroes who made the area their home, and include Wayland, a self-proclaimed descendant of a Norse hero; Cassiopeia, the lovely psionicist; and M-1, born and raised Matthew Barnes in Equinox, who enlisted during World War II and joined the 1st Hero Brigade.

Galaxy City was known for many years as Paragon Heights. It was renamed after the post-Rikti-restoration, in honor and remembrance of Galaxy Girl, a.k.a. Kelly Graham, one of the neighborhood's own. A favorite of Paragon Heights, a darling sweetheart to everyone who called the area home, and a kind and compassionate matron to her extended family, Kelly was a true daughter of the neighborhood. A proposal was put forward during the rebuilding to not only raise a tall monument to her, but to rename the area Galaxy City after one of their own. An impressive statue of Galaxy Girl was erected during the rebuilding, and she gracefully takes her place amidst the city’s skyline, holding her hands up to the clouds.



  • "none"

Regular Contacts[]

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Notable NPCs[]

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  • Constellation Row (Red - Level 3-6) (Music) forms most of the central southern part of the zone
  • Cygnus Medical Center (Music) in the northwestern part of the zone, surrounded by Freedom Court. It contains the Paragon City Monorail station, as well as the Cygnus Medical Center.
  • Equinox (Yellow - Level 1-2) (Music) just north of the center of the zone. This neighborhood contains one of the three Arenas in Paragon City.
  • Freedom Court (Green, Yellow - Level 1-2) (Music) in the central part of the zone, is where the Freedom Phalanx headquarters is located. This neighborhood also is where the hero trainer of the zone, Back Alley Brawler, can be found. Note that on the game map, there is an unlabeled mid-level area south of the Freedom Court marker and an unlabeled low-level neighborhood north of the marker; these neighborhoods are considered part of the Freedom Court neighborhood as well.
  • Gemini Park (Red - Level 5-6) (Music) in the southeast corner of the zone
  • Nebula District (Orange - Level 3-6) (Music) the southwestern part of the zone.
  • Orion Beltway (Orange - Level 3-4) (Music) in the northeast part of the zone.

Exploration Badges[]

Badge tourist 01 Bird Watcher

The Invisible Falcon disappeared without a trace in the mid 90's.

Badge tourist 01 Blue Shield

Blue Steel, the only hero in Paragon City who works directly for the police, arrested the Tsoo's leader Tub Ci on this spot. The charges didn't stick, and Tub Ci is free today.

Badge tourist 01 Brawler

Back Alley Brawler fought against two Underbosses from The Family, Slow Eye Lou and Hyper Mike, on this spot.

Badge tourist 01 Land Locked

This lock holds back the waters of Eastgate Bay, and has been the target of many super criminals bent on flooding Galaxy City.

Badge tourist 01 Tank

M1, a hero from World War II, is honored today with a statue in Galaxy City.

Historical Plaques[]


  • "none"

Transfer Points[]

  • The Paragon City Monorail station serves as a return portal to Ouroboros.

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