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The Family knows better than to mess with you.

How to Get

Defeat 200 Marcone bosses.

  • The best place to work towards this badge is St. Martial near "The Flop". Go to that marker and head straight East to position (-4249.1 16.1 -1739.4). There is a high concentration of Consiglieris and they respawn very quickly.


In CoV, there are a mixture of "standard" Family mobs and specific Marcone Family mobs. All are in the Family enemy group, and often share the same names and powers, but different descriptions. Consiglieri and Underbosses that mention Emil Marcone in their descriptions will count towards this badge, regardless of whether they have "Marcone" in their names or not. The different mobs can be found as follows:

Unlockable Contact

This badge unlocks the Slot Machine contact which is an Unlockable Contact for villains from levels 30-34.


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