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PocketD Ganymede


Ganymede is a City of Heroes contact that was located in Pocket D during the Valentine's Day Event 2006, Valentine's Day Event 2007, and Valentine's Day Event 2008. He was a special contact that was only available during the events. This contact's coordinates were (-52, 0, -1014).


Contact Introduced By[]

  • None. Ganymede starts assigning missions immediately to all heroes.

New Contact(s)[]

Hey, now that you've proven yourself, DJ Zero has another problem he needs taken care of. Head to the middle of the Pocket D and see what you can do for him.

DJ Zero is the driving force behind the Pocket D, you can find him in the middle of the dance floor.


Emissary of Eros

Ganymede was a mortal who impressed the gods so much he was made the cup bearer of Zeus. Now he's at the Pocket D on a task from Eros.

Initial Contact[]

Glad you made it. Eros needs some help and I think you might be the one.


Find out where Arachnos is keeping Aphrodite's girdle[]


Eros has discovered that Arachnos has managed to get their hands on Aphrodite's girdle. Despite his efforts, he has been unable to retrieve his mother's artifact and has asked DJ Zero to get a group together who can find and recapture the girdle. This task requires the expertise of both heroes and villains alike. You should also check with Chilly or Dram upstairs and pick up some Dimension Drop powers to help you out! Find out where Arachnos is keeping Aphrodite's girdle.

Alright, the Council have been keeping an eye on Arachnos and seem to know a bit about the artifact. Head into their outpost, take them out and go through their data banks to find out where Arachnos is hiding the girdle.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear the blipping of Council computers further in.

  • Defeat all Council in base.
    • Search the computers!

You have removed the Council from the picture and found the location of the girdle.

Primary Enemies

Badge villain council Council

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic
Girdle Location
You have discovered where the girdle of Aphrodite is being kept.


You are a worthy one!

Bring the girdle of Aphrodite back to Ganymede[]


Now that you know where the girdle is all you have to do is help a Villain break into the Arachnos compound and take it back. Retrieve the girdle of Aphrodite for Eros.

Remember, you'll need a villain to break the magic that is keeping the girdle from us. After they destroy the artifact, retrieve the girdle and bring it back to me. If you succeed Eros won't soon forget it. If you need some extra help go talk to Chilly or Dram upstairs and pick up one of the Dimension Drop powers to give you a boost.

Mission Objective(s)

Somewhere in this complex Aphrodite's girdle is locked away.

  • Destroy the lock box and take the girdle
    • Take the girdle of Aphrodite!

Now you can take the girdle back to Ganymede.

Primary Enemies

V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic
Pass Key
This is a security pass key you found on Operative Tupelo.


Thanks for your help, you may want to check with the crowd on the other side, I heard Scratch saying something about need help from a real hero.

Temporary Powers:

Completing this mission awards the Nectar temporary power.

Temporary TargetedPBAoEConfuse Nectar Ranged, Targeted Area of Effect, Foe: Confuse, Placate
Eros has fashioned a version of Ambrosia from the waters of the Well of the Furies, which he has dubbed 'Nectar'. Eros' Nectar can be used up to 20 times on opponents to beguile them, effectively placating and confusing them


Completing both this mission as well as the Get a hero to the cauldron and destroy it mission from Scratch will award the Handsome Badge for male characters and the Beautiful Badge for female characters.

Badge event HandsomeBeautiful Handsome

Eros can bring out the beauty in any being

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