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Badge croatoa geas of the kind ones


Whatever spirits watch over Croatoa have bestowed their blessing upon you. Of course, sometimes a blessing can be more like a curse.

Accolade Power[]

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Geas of the Kind Ones power.

BA Geas Of Kind Ones Geas of the Kind Ones Self: +Recharge, + Recovery, +Accuracy, -Defense
You have uncovered the secrets of Croatoa and have been awarded the Geas of the Kind Ones. Like most supernatural gifts, the Geas is both a blessing and a curse. By using it you can greatly increase your Recharge speed (+100%), Endurance recovery (+800%), and Accuracy (+25%) for 1 minute. However, your Defense (-10%) will be severely reduced for 1 minute also.

How to Get[]

Obtain the following badges.

Badge croatoa cabalist Cabalist Badge   Accomplishment    Complete Katie Hannon's Task Force: A Tangled Plot
Badge croatoa giant killer Giant Killer Badge   Achievement   Defeat Jack in Irons
Badge croatoa believer Believer Badge   Achievement   Defeat Sally twice
Badge croatoa cap buster Cap Buster Badge   Achievement   Defeat 333 Red Caps (abundant in Eastern, Northeastern and Northern regions of Croatoa)
Badge croatoa pumpkin king Pumpkin King Badge   Achievement   Defeat Eochai
Badge croatoa pumpkin master Pumpkin Master Badge   Achievement   Defeat 333 Fir Bolg (abundant in Southern and Southwestern regions of Croatoa)
Badge croatoa bane of dannan Bane of Dannan Badge   Achievement   Defeat 333 Tuatha de Dannan (abundant in Southern and Southeastern regions of Croatoa)
Badge croatoa spellbinder Spellbinding Badge   Achievement   Defeat 333 Cabal (abundant in Northwestern, Western and Central regions of Croatoa)
Badge croatoa Banisher Haunted Badge   Achievement   Defeat 333 Croatoa Ghosts (abundant in Southcentral regions of Croatoa...and only at night)


  • The Issue 7 Guide states that one of this badge's prerequisites is "Defeat Mary MacComber," but the actual badge that is required is Cabalist, for completing the task force in which you defeat her.

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