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There are two known badges for defeating Spectral Pirates in the Fort Hades neighborhood of Port Oakes. However, merely defeating the ghosts is not enough to earn the ghost hunting badges. In order to earn the badges, you must actually trap the ghosts.

Trapping A Ghost

How to Trap a Ghost[]

To trap a ghost, it must be defeated within a small radius of a ghost trap. The ghost does not necessarily have to be standing directly on top of the trap, but for best results, should be within short melee range of the trap. A picture of one of the traps and a ghost being defeated in its location is shown to the right.

When a ghost is successfully trapped, he will be engulfed in a green light that gets drawn into the trap instead of simply fading away as they normally do upon defeat.

Ghost Trap Locations[]

There are six ghost traps in Fort Hades. The locations of the Ghost Traps are shown below:


Ghost Trapping Rewards[]

By successfully trapping ghosts, a villain earns the Pirate achievement badge (for 100 Ghosts) and the Spectral achievement badge (for 100 Ghosts). Also, upon earning the Pirate achievement badge, you unlock a contact in Port Oakes, Veluta Lunata. The badges also grant access to the Night Haunt and Red Hand gladiators, respectively.

V badge GhostTrappingBadge Pirate

You have trapped 10 Ghosts. You are now an honorary Pirate.

V badge GhostTrappingBadge Spectral

You have trapped 100 Ghosts. You are now Spectral.

Useful strategies and powers[]

  • Any ranged Taunt power will make the ghosts more willing to stay in the trap's range.
  • Teleport Foe is a good way of bringing ghosts to the traps.
  • High level teams should contain a lower level member to act as bait for the ghosts to aggro upon and not run away.
  • Non-damaging slow patches such as Tar Patch will force the ghosts to stay longer.
  • It's wise to use one trap until it overloads and then kill the resulting ghosts for easy gain.


  • Each trap will periodically spawn a lot of ghosts after a number have been trapped already (around 12-15 ghosts), including a Red Hand boss or two and the possibility of spawing a Red Terror, which is a Spectral Pirate Elite Boss.
  • The ghosts in the area are typically levels nine to fifteen.
  • A villain outlevels Veluta Lunata's story arc after level fifteen. Because of the levels involved with the ghosts, it would help to have someone make you a lackey (or simply observe while they defeat ghosts) to get the Pirate Badge.