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Glacia is a NPC ally you can find during the mission Save captured psychics from Lady Grey (CoH and CoV, levels 45 - 50). She is one of the survivors of the legendary Omega Team. She will have been captured by the Rikti and is in need of a rescue when you find her, and must be freed so she can help you.

Once free, she will follow you and will attack any Rikti in her aggro range. She must be escorted to the mission exit and must survive, so be careful.

Once she is free, an ambush consisting of two waves of Rikti will attack her.

During the mission, Glacia has the hit points of a Boss of the level of the mission. Her powers are very effective in slowing and holding the Rikti around. Unlike her sister, she prefers ranged attacks. Still, her survival being one of the mission objectives, it would not be advisable to risk her safety too much.

Some advice would be to not bring her or her sister Infernia to fight Dra'Gon, who has some nasty Area of Effect attacks. Although it is unlikely none of the sisters will be able to gain enough aggro for him to kill them directly, the area attacks can still kill them accidentally.

Glacia is unable to fly, and may have a very hard time trying to get out if she falls down in some of the cliff-style rooms you can find in this mission.

As a final note, you need to free Infernia so Glacia and her captors spawn. Once Glacia is free, Dra'Gon himself will spawn.


During the mission she will say just a few things, unlike her long-winded(!) sister:

Combat start:

Rikti soldier: 2nd Infiltrator: Apprehended.
War Chief Soldier: Reveal: Accomplices! Reveal: Plans!
Glacia: Let me put it a way you can understand... Up: Yours!


I'm sure my sister Infernia has talked your ear off.
So I'll keep it simple:
We're with the Omega Team.
We've been on the Rikti world ever since the gateway was sealed.
We snuck into a shipment meant for this place.
We were hunting Dra'Gon, the twisted War Lineage scientist.
So let's get him.

If lost:

I'd suggest we stick together as an unit.

If recaptured:

Get your hands away from me or they'll be the first things I freeze off!

If refound:

...Thank you. I suppose.

At the mission exit:

We have many things to report.


Random Rikti: Destroy: Omega Terrorist!


Glacia and her twin sister Infernia spent years battling each other before the Rikti attacked. United for the first time, they fought side-by-side and volunteered for the Omega team together. Like all members of the Omega team, their fate had been a mystery until now. Now they've returned to Earth, and they have some important news to tell.


During the mission, she will use Ice Blast and Cold Domination powers:


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