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Mu'Rakir is a Mu Guardian in need of rescue. He can be found in the following missions:

During the mission that he appears as an ally, he spawns as a Pet of the level of the mission owner, having the correspondent amount of Hit Points, and a faction of Arachnos. He will aggro everything in his path. Be warned that most of the damaged dealt by the Lost at this level is Lethal.

He needs to be rescued as a mission objective, and once free, he will fight at your side. When he is freed, a Lost ambush will follow.


During the mission Find the surveillance tapes in the old building, Mu'Rakir will be found fighting the Lost, who want to convert him in one of them. He will say the following:

Lost Minion: When you are one of us, your feet will stay on the ground.
Guardian Mu'Rakir: I doubt it's worth my power to wipe you scum out.


Lost Minion: We shall make you one of us as well!
Mu'Rakir: Providence acts. I see a potential ally. But what draws Villain here? Searching for something, perhaps?

(once free)

Mu'Rakir: As a mystic of the Mu, I can sense many things. I sense now that you seek some information here, same as I. Let us then search together.

During the mission Save Paolo from Mu'Rakir and his men, he shows up as "Guardian Mu'Rakir", and he won't be so friendly anymore:

Guardian Mu'Rakir: Don't kill the horrid thing. I reserve that slow, agonizing pleasure for myself.


Guardian Mu'Rakir: I was wondering if you'd catch on, before the end.


Mu Guardians pulse with the blood of their slaughtered ancestors in their veins. They have read unholy tomes, visited other planes of existence, and performed dark sacrifices too terrible to mention to become masters of the mystic arts.


During the mission, Mu'Rakir used the typical powers of a Mu Guardian: (Please note that Touch of the Storm is not yet confirmed.)