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Contact Small Guidance Counselor Jones

Guidance Counselor Jones is the final contact for the Invention System tutorial. He is located in the Administration inside the University in Steel Canyon.

About this contact

University Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor Jones loves to help. He's all about helping. He's so helpful that it comes off as slightly annoying. However, he's your man when it comes to completion of your education and what to do once you've graduated. Mr. Jones is a well-meaning guy, but when it comes right down to it, he's kind of cheesy.

Initial Contact

I'm the Guidance Counselor here at the university. I'm here to help you wrap up your studies and give you a head's up about Consignment Houses.


Read the Wentworth pamphlet on Mr. Jones' bulletin board


If you want to learn more about where to buy and sell your stuff once you make it, I can help you out.

Wentworth's Fine Consignments is where you want to be. See the Wentworth's Visitor Representative at any location. She'll explain the consignment house system.

So do me a favor, will you? Check out the pamphlets I have tacked to my bulletin aboard. All the information you need on Consignment Houses is at your fingertips.

It's right there in front of the others. You can't miss it.

Mission Objective

  • Read the Pahmphlet

You read through the pamphlet and take note of the information.

Icon clue generic
Wentworth's Pamphlet
This pamphlet contains pertinent information about Wentworth's Consignment houses.
Icon clue generic
Wentworth's Fine Consignments
Wentworth's has just established consignment stores in greater Paragon City for all your buying and selling needs.

Do you need a specific piece of Salvage?

Do you have Recipes or Enhancements you don't need?

Looking for that rare item for your special someone?

We can help!

Come visit us today in Atlas Park, Kings Row, Steel Canyon, or Talos Island. We're always open!

For more information, speak to our Information Representative.

Wentworth's Fine Consignments - Since 1897.

We're here to serve you (for a small fee).


Looks pretty interesting, huh? You'll have to check them out sometime, especially if you're gonna invent stuff.

This is the end of your studies here at the University. Congratulations. You've successfully completed all of your coursework and now you are an Inventor! Take this badge. You definitely earned it.

You have now completed the Invention Tutorial.


Upon completing this mission, you will earn the Inventor Badge.

Badge invention tutorial Inventor

You have proven your skills as an Inventor at the University.