City of Heroes Wiki

Heroes are extremely powerful entities. They con +5 to their level. Their HP are usually in the tens of thousands (ten times that of standard bosses), substantial regeneration and recovery, high damage, and have a cycling period of near-immunity to all Status Effects except Sleep and Immobilization. Approach with extreme caution and several teammates.

Heroes are basically Archvillains, only with a Hero identifier, thus, they use the same debuff resistance tables, and will spawn as weaker Elite Bosses against teams which are small and/or using low notoriety settings.

Starting from Issue 10, there has been a number of Hero entities, which, although labelled as such, do not possess the proper amount of HP, endurance, damage levels, regeneration, recovery, and resistance levels, although they may still possess the purple triangles of Archvillain Resistance. They are almost always Allied units, though sometimes, they may be enemies. It is unknown if this is intentional or if this is a bug.

A listing is made below.