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This article is about the signature character. For the developer, see Hero 1 (Developer).
Hero 1

Hero 1


Regarded as one of the bravest warriors to participate in the Rikti War, Hero 1 followed in the footsteps of Great Britain's Hero One. A member of the Dawn Patrol, he was also a member of the Vanguard and led a team of 50 heroes known as the Omega Team into the Rikti's home dimension in order to thwart the alien invasion. Unfortunately, the mission seems to have cost Hero 1 his life.

Hero 1's final fate remains unknown, but it is assumed that he gave his life in the Rikti home dimension in order to save his beloved earth. To honor and remember the selfless sacrifices of Hero 1 and the rest of Omega Team, the Statesman asked all heroes to remove their capes; this symbolic gesture held incredible power because Hero 1's flowing, flag-bearing cape had become symbolic of courage and heroism. The moratorium on wearing capes has only recently been lifted.


Hero 1 wielded the fabled sword, Excalibur. Before journeying to the Rikti homeworld, he entrusted it to Miss Liberty who in turn passed it down to her daughter, Ms. Liberty. Although she cannot wield the sword, Ms. Liberty carries it at her side waiting for the day when Hero 1 returns.

Crey's Folly is the last place Hero 1 and Statesman met before their last parting. As there was only a few minutes left before the fatalistic Alpha and Omega Gambit plan, they decided not to say their goodbyes to each other. A plaque exists to commemorate their last meeting.

The City Representative in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park, inside the City Hall, will introduce the player to people who knew Hero 1 during her cape mission. Players will learn that Hero 1, together with the Omega Team, made a time capsule. The city plans to open it on the seventh anniversary of the heroes' sacrifice, which would presumably make this date 27th November 2009, seven years after the end of the Rikti War.

In Issue 10, Hero 1 re-appears in the new Rikti War Zone Task Force as the Rikti Warrior 'The Honoree'. Before Issue 10 was released, he appeared on the last page of Issue #19 comic, and was seen at the end of a trailer for the update as The Honoree.