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Hero Corp


Hero Corps is a unique organization that functions not only as a group of individuals but also as a corporation, offering their extraordinary services to those who are willing to pay. While their methods may be a subject of controversy, they possess valuable knowledge for aspiring heroes. One of their key roles is to facilitate employment opportunities for qualified heroes and assist governments worldwide in managing super-powered predicaments.

Rebecca Foss, the founder of Hero Corps in 1995, serves as the overseeing authority. Initially, the company faced public opposition, particularly from the Freedom Phalanx. Tensions between Hero Corps and the Freedom Phalanx escalated until February 1999, when both groups simultaneously investigated the archvillain known as the Jade Maiden. Unfortunately, the encounter resulted in chaos, allowing the Jade Maiden to escape. As a consequence, Hero Corps bore the brunt of the blame while the esteemed reputation of the Freedom Phalanx remained intact.

In an effort to improve public perception, Hero Corps member Luminary (Kit Rafter, not to be confused with the current Luminary, an android) took it upon himself in March 1999 to showcase the positive impact of the company. Luminary conducted a public demonstration of his powers, which left most spectators deeply moved by the healing light. However, a few citizens expressed concerns about heroes engaging in monetary transactions.

Initially headquartered in what is now known as Faultline, Hero Corps suffered a devastating attack by unidentified assailants wearing power armor. Countess Crey came forward to support them and their new headquarters in May 1999. However, due to public protests from citizens and heroes, including the renowned Hero 1, construction of a new headquarters in Baumton was halted. Eventually, Hero Corps abandoned these plans in October 1999 and retreated into relative obscurity for a period.

Currently, Hero Corps operates from its headquarters in the Fools Gold district of Steel Canyon, which opened in January 2003.

Hero Corps Field Analysts[]

Hero Corps Field Analyst

Hero Corps Field Analyst found in Kings Row

The Hero Corps Field Analysts are the people who are responsible for changing your notoriety.