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V badge MayhemHeroSlayer


Not even the best of the best can stop you!

How to Get[]

Defeat 100 heroes from the end of mayhem missions.

In general, any enemy from the groups Freedom Phalanx, Vindicators, WISDOM, or Paragon Heroes count.


59 Force of Nature Badge        


Does not have to be Signature Heroes, or of Hero rank to count. Any end-mission heroes in mayhem missions count, as well as a number of heroes from other, non-mayhem, missions.

Demons summoned by the hero Infernal count as of Issue 7 and Tuatha summoned by the hero Woodsman reportedly count. Other good places to find groups of enemies that count include the Lord Recluse Strike Force, signature heroes in Recluse's Victory, and the Take out the Vindicators mission from Abyss.

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