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Huntsman Ohanko


Huntsman Ohanko is an unexpected ally you will find during the mission Steal Wretch's Medical Records - without witnesses from Seer Marino.

During my mission (Villanous, solo) he spawned as a Pet of my same level, with his correspondant ammount of Hit Points.

He needs to be rescued when you first meet him, and freeing him is one of the mission's objectives. Once free, he will attack everything in his aggro range. I have no idea what would happen if he would be defeated, but it doesen't seem like keeping him alive was a mission objective.

He will show up a second time, in the mission Free Ohanko and remove evidence from Seer Marino, this time as a mere NPC in need of rescue.


During the Steal Wretch's Medical Records - without witnesses mission, he will be fighting the Arachnos troops and says the following:


Arachnos soldier: What is it with break-ins today?
Hunstman Ohanko: Villain! Mu Rakir said you helped him! Help me and I can help you!

(once free)

Hunstman Ohanko: I'm here looking for Wretch's medical records. I think you're here for the same. And neither of us wants anyone to know about it. I'll keep your secret if you keep mine.

During the Free Ohanko and remove evidence mission, as an NPC:

(once free)

Huntsman Ohanko: I'm glad you got here when you did. I have to run, but let me fill you in.


The most brutal and effective members of the Wolf Spiders are eventually promoted to Huntsmen. They're armed and armored for many situations, so tread lightly when they are around.


During my mission, he used the typical attacks of a Wolf Spider Huntsman of the same level: (Please note that this is only valid for his first appearance)