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Hybrid is an incarnate power set available to level 50 characters on current VIP accounts.

Hybrid powers are limited duration toggles which can be activated for up to 120 seconds, with a 120 second cooldown. Hybrid powers also grant passive buffs while equipped, which function whether the toggle is on or not. Enhancements from Alpha powers apply to the toggle portion of some Hybrid powers, but not the passive portion.

In order for a Hybrid power to be used, a character must craft the Hybrid power, equip it in the Hybrid slot, and be on a current VIP account. Only one Hybrid power can be equipped at a time.

Unlocking the Hybrid slot awards the Hybrid Unlocked accolade badge.

The Hybrid slot is unlocked when a level 50 character earns 3,375,000 points of advanced psychic incarnate experience. Since defeating enemies in the Magisterium trial is currently the only source of advanced psychic incarnate experience, characters must have unlocked all other incarnate slots before unlocking Hybrid.


Genome Core Genome Radial Genome Total Core Graft Partial Core Graft Partial Radial Graft Total Radial Graft Core Embodiment Radial Embodiment


passive dmg buff

dmg buff proc

doublehit proc
Assault Genome Assault Core Genome Assault Radial Genome Assault Total Core Graft Assault Partial Core Graft Assault Partial Radial Graft Assault Total Radial Graft Assault Core Embodiment Assault Radial Embodiment


passive res(status)

waylay proc, mez mag

mez proc
Control Genome Control Core Genome Control Radial Genome Control Total Core Graft Control Partial Core Graft Control Partial Radial Graft Control Total Radial Graft Control Core Embodiment Control Radial Embodiment


passive regen

regen, resist, -mez stacks

regen, def, -mez stacks, taunt
Melee Genome Melee Core Genome Melee Radial Genome Melee Total Core Graft Melee Partial Core Graft Melee Partial Radial Graft Melee Total Radial Graft Melee Core Embodiment Melee Radial Embodiment


passive end redux

dmg, def, acc, effects buffs (2x for pets)

dmg, def, acc, effects buffs (wide radius)
Support Genome Support Core Genome Support Radial Genome Support Total Core Graft Support Partial Core Graft Support Partial Radial Graft Support Total Radial Graft Support Core Embodiment Support Radial Embodiment

Assault Hybrid powers[]

Control Hybrid powers[]

Melee Hybrid powers[]

Support Hybrid powers[]


Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie added the Hybrid powers.

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