Ice Mistral

Contact: Ice Mistral
Level Range: 35 - 40
Notes: Requires 4 people
Zone: St. Martial
Location: In the Golden Giza
Primary Enemy: Circle of Thorns
Name: The Crystal of Serafina
Badge: Crystal Keeper Badge
Description: You have destroyed the psychic control network the Circle grew from shards of Serafina's Crystal, and recovered the crystal itself.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Agree to form a Strike Force[edit | edit source]


So you're here. Looking for favor from my master, Scirocco, I suppose. Well, I suspect it'll be easy to earn. All he wants is a crystal, one belonging to the genie, Serafina. It's currently being held by the Circle of Thorns. Bring that crystal here, and Scirocco will smile on you.

Scirocco is far too trusting, Strike Force. I am not. You haven't earned my faith just yet, and to do it you'll need to do more than treasure hunt.

Prove yourself to me by unleashing your fury upon the Circle mages. I have had far too much experience with arrogant mystics who believe they know what is best for the world. After all, it was the Monks of the Four Winds who made me what I am, and they have since had cause to regret it.

You'll need a name, something I can call you by. Perhaps Strike Force.

Mission Objective

The air down here is damp and cold.

  • Defeat all mages in temple
    • Find the crystal!

You found a shard, but the rest of the crystal is missing!

Icon clue generic.png
Shard of Serafina's crystal
This small shard of crystal fits easily into the palm of your hand. Plainly, Serafina's crystal has been split into pieces by the Circle of Thorns.

You defeated the mages and recovered a shard of Serafina's crystal.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns


This isn't the crystal of Serafina! This is merely a shard! You'll have to do better than this, Strike Force Wild. My lord Scirocco is watching you.

Find the crystal[edit | edit source]


You were charged with bringing me Serafina's crystal, but you didn't do that. No. You brought me only a shard. Scirocco will not be contented with that, and neither will I. Get out there and find me that crystal! Now!

The Circle broke it, so the Circle should know where the pieces are. I suggest you start with them.

Mission Objective

  • Locate the Crystal
    • Defeat 50 Circle of Thorns

One of the Circle mages you defeated snarled, 'You're too late! Already, the network is begun! Starting in Sharkhead!'

Icon clue generic.png
The mage's story
One of the Circle mages you defeated snarled:

'You're too late! Already, the network is begun! Starting in Sharkhead!'


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

You feel a strange sensation when you walk into these caverns.

  • Destroy the network
    • 3 crystals to destroy

You can see that these Circle crystals are vibrating strongly.

Icon clue generic.png
When you destroyed the massive pink crystals scattered throughout Primeva, you observed that they were vibrating. It could be that these large crystals are somehow linked to the shards of Serafina's crystal.

You have destroyed the crystals.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns


Strike Force Wild, I am not satisfied. I am, however, intrigued. The large pink crystals you describe seem to be similar to the crystals that grow in Oranbegan caverns, but I have never seen pink ones before. I wonder what their properties are?

You are doing quite well. I am sure Scirocco will be pleased.

Seek crystals in Primeva[edit | edit source]


My lord Scirocco is sensitive to the vibrations of this network the Circle is building, though he doesn't yet know what it's for. He senses vibrations coming from Primeva. Go there, and bring me what you find.

I still want the remainder of Serafina's crystal, Strike Force Wild. Don't forget that.

Mission Objective

You feel some strange vibrations through the water.

  • Destroy network in Primeva
    • Seek shards, 8 crystals to destroy

The mage was carrying another shard of Serafina's crystal.

Icon clue generic.png
The second shard
This shard of Serafina's crystal is no larger than the first. There must sill be many pieces missing.

You destroyed the crystals and found another shard.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth


Another mere shard? Strike Force Wild, you must think me a fool to be satisfied with such poor gains. I am not. You will have to do far beter than this.

Get a sample of the crystals[edit | edit source]


It seems the Circle's network of crystals is expanding. Scirocco has sensed a portion of it has been placed on a cargo ship in Cap au Diable. Go there and get me a sample of the crystals they're using. I want to see what we're up against.

It's likely the Circle's network has drawn new victims to it. I don't know what you'll be up against. I do know that, whoever's in there, I want them to feel my wrath. Destroy them!

Mission Objective

The deck plating reverberates with the strong vibrations of the crystals.

  • Defeat everyone in ship

You have several samples of the crystal.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo


I'll have these crystals examined. Don't go far. I'm not through with you yet.

Destroy the crystals[edit | edit source]


I have information for you, Strike Force. I have had those crystal fragments you brought me analyzed. It seems that they are being grown from the crystal of Serafina! I believe the Circle is building a vast psychic network, bent on controlling everyone within the Rogue Isles, possibly the world. You and I cannot have that, Villain. And so you must do what you can to stop it. If Scirocco's senses are accurate, there is a great buildup of psionic crystals in St. Martial. Go there, and destroy them!

I believe these crystals the Circle are using have been grown from the shards of Serafina's crystal. Recover the whole, and you may stop them entirely.

Mission Objective

The sound of the vibrations is nearly deafening.

  • Defeat everyone in office

You have destroyed the crystals, and uncovered an important clue from one of the mages.

Icon clue generic.png
Archus' secret
One of the Circle mages you defeated snapped:

'You will never defeat Archus! His massive network of mind control crystals is invulnerable!'


Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns


So, this Archus fancies himself invulnerable, does he? We'll see about that, Strike Force. It's time to take this fight to the source. I want Archus' head on a platter, and I want the crystal of Serafina!

Defeat Archus[edit | edit source]


Scirocco has sensed a vast amount of vibrations coming from a cavern in Primeva. It could well be that this is Archus's lair. I want you to find that Circle archmage, and I want you to wring his neck for me. If they even have necks under those cowls. Heh. If you find any sign of the crystal of Serafina, bring it back to me.

If that Circle mage you met is to be believed, Archus will have quite a bit of protection. Be wary.

Mission Objective

The vibrations of the crystals are somehow fainter. Perhaps you haven't truly found the source.

  • Defeat Archus

Notable NPCs:

  • Archus (Archvillain)

You defeated Archus!

Icon clue generic.png
Large shard of Serafina's crystal
Before reporting of Archus' demise to Ice Mistral, you carved this large chunk from Serafina's crystal. It's all you can take with you for now, but at least some portion of Serafina's power has become yours.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns


Archus is done for, his network destroyed, and the crystal of Serafina restored to Arachnos at last. Excellent. You have done well, Strike Force Wild. So well, that I will be forced to keep my eye upon you. It seems you have more power than I had realized.

Temporary Power[edit | edit source]

Upon successful completion of this Strike Force, a villain will earn the Enchantment of Serafina temporary power.

Temporary Warburg MegaBuff.png Enchantment of Serafina Point Blank Area of Effect, Ally: +Resist(Psionic), +Damage(Psionic)
You have been enchanted by the Crystal of Serafina, granting you amazing powers of the mind. You may use this power to protect those around you from psychic damage, and to add psychic damage to their attacks. You may use this power 10 times before it fades.

Badge[edit | edit source]

Completing The Crystal of Serafina Strike Force from Ice Mistral awards the Crystal Keeper Badge.

V badge StrikeforceSerafinaBadge.png Crystal Keeper

You have destroyed the psychic control network the Circle grew from shards of Serafina's Crystal, and recovered the crystal itself.

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